Friday, March 15, 2013

Running clothes and the drawer...

I have one large drawer in my closet dedicated to my "running clothes" - I do hang some of the shirts occasionally but for the most part everything is in this drawer except for my shoes.

This morning I got into the drawer to ... well you know ... get out some running clothes to wear.  It was just me and my 4 year old at home and I was going to hit the treadmill for a long run (8+ miles).  My drawer was a mess and it took me a bit to settle on "the perfect treadmill outfit".  I often times don't put a lot of thought into what I am wearing when I run on the treadmill but I do want to be comfortable.  I had success after a bit of jumbling and digging.  Note to self... organize drawer later.

When people say that running is a cheap sport I can't help but laugh out loud.  Those people usually say "All you need is a good pair of shoes and the open road".   While this is sort of true... The more I run the more I want/need more running clothes.  Then the more I run the more clothes I find out about and the more expensive those clothes are!  There are some pricey brands out there!  I am sure they are quality and worth every penny... right?  

I have found some pretty inexpensive options that work just fine at my local Wal Mart and Target.  Target Stores in particular carry several brands and I have been able to outfit myself fairly inexpensively.  Wal Mart carries the brand Danskin Now.  VERY reasonably priced and well fitting.  I own several tech type shirts from the Danskin Now brand and some running capris too and they have served me well so far.  I appreciate the bright colors of the shirts!  Target (a little more expensive)  tends to have more variety and bigger selection.  They constantly have markdowns as well and I have scored some major good deals on their clearance rack!


Well... let us get back to my drawer.  Like I said... I don't own a lot of expensive running gear.  The most expensive thing I own are my running shoes... well that is if you don't count my 2013 Tinkerbell Half Marathon Medal. (that wasn't cheap... be careful of the future runDisney addiction... once you get one you won't want to stop at just one... trust me!)  I guess my Tinkerbell medal can't really be counted as gear and I don't keep that in the drawer either!

I have found ways to save some money and get what I need to run comfortably and not look like I dressed myself at the Thrift Store (Some of my running clothes have come from Thirft Stores though) One way is to do inexpensive local runs and get more shirts!  Three of the nice tech shirts I own I got by doing runs that cost $30 or less... I get the expereince of the run and the shirt!  Yeah!  One local running club almost always has a shirt with all of their runs... but they are a basic cotton tee.  I don't run in those or wear them much for that matter so I have resorted to ordering my husband's size and he adds them to his collection.  The Neverland Family 5K that was held the Tinkerbell Half Weekend in January also had a cotton tee included.  My husband ran that one too so we have 2 of those.

My collection of race tech shirts is growing... some have been aquired at races and a few purchased a long the way.  My coveted black runDisney tech shirt was a freebie at the Tinkerbell Half Meet Up!  Then of course are my 2 Mousetalgia Nike dry fit that are always publicizing my FAVORITE Disneyland podcast! (purple and red on the right)  The red one says 'Eat my Pixie Dust" on the back! 

I folded and organized everything in an attempt to straighten out my drawer after the run today.  (Yes - I went 8.25 miles)  The organization in the photo below shows my newest addition to the drawer which is my Team Sparkle running skirt (black and sparkly).  Now the Team Sparkle running skirt is a little more of a running accessory than essential gear but I hear you may be able to improve your PRs when wearing them so in the "gear drawer" it goes!

I didn't really mention my running socks... yep they went in the drawer too.  They are the most expensive socks I own and I don't want to lose them in with my cheap everyday socks.  You have to take care of those feet... right?! 

So here is the finished project... tada... my running gear drawer!  Neat and Organized!  This ought to last at least for a little while.  Thanks for coming into my closet today to talk about running clothes!  Now go for a run!

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  1. I have a running drawer too! I actually just had to go through and purge some of the shirts I had! I put most of the cotton shirts I have accumulated from races in a bag for Goodwill and kept the other few shirts I have. It’s true though- running is pretty expensive! Yes, you can go out and buy super cheap (material, not price) clothes, but you are going to pay for it when you start chaffing! Good job organizing! :)


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