Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Half Marathon? I am only "Half" crazy...

So as of today I have registered for my 2nd Half Marathon.  What?  Yep - I did!  This one is not at Disneyland or Disney "anywhere".  I wish.  Actually this one will take place fairly close to home... I can sleep in my own bed the night before and drive myself there the morning of the race.  Wow - really?  I am going to do this! 

When I originally decided to run a Half Marathon last year... deciding to run it at Disneyland was a no brainer for me.  Anyone that knows me even just a little knows that I am a Disney Junkie.  Have been all my life.   I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend in January.  LOVED every stinkin' minute of it!  I am planning to go back to Disneyland in January of 2014 and run the Tinkerbell Half Marathon again.   As soon as I passed over the finish line this past January I was so sad it was over.  I immediately said - 'I want to do that again!"

After coming home I knew that I wanted to put more Half Marathons on my calendar.  But which ones?  So I started to do some research.  Timing and weather around the Pacific Northwest are key.  Rain is always a possibility but some months are better than others.  Also for the "running goal" setter that I am - I needed the races I chose to be strategically placed on my calendar.  I found a couple in the Fall of 2013 that seemed great... but I wanted one sooner.   I needed it for me and the way I challenge myself.  I don't want to ever feel like I have to begin my training all over again - I wanted to keep it up all year!

I have registered for the Heroes Half which will take place on April 28th just a bit south of where we live.  The proceeds go towards military families and First Responders.  Okay then... I can get behind that!  I have a brother - in - law and a niece currently serving in the United States Navy...I love them very much!  Don't they look awesome here in this photo?  I think so too!

Also...  who doesn't love First Responders in uniform?   My husband is okay with that comment... and don't you love the tek shirts too? 

I know there is a finisher medal for the Half Marathoners but I am not sure what it looks like... I googled last years... hope they redesigned for this year.  The course Is "flat and fast"... which to me I like the FLAT part... Fast is something I have realized I will never be.  I am fine with that.


I am excited to see how I will do... training has been going well and I have one 10K race under my belt that has been "post" Tinkerbell Half.  I have a few 5Ks and another 10K between now and then.  I should be fine.  Right?  Then why I am nervous?  Will I survive without my character photo stops?   Without my castle?  All of the Disney fun?  We shall see.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Virtual Runner - Run for the Familes - Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary

Today I completed a 5K distance as a "Virtual Runner".  Do you know what that is?  A Virtual Runner basically means that you register for a race and run the mileage on your own in honor of the cause of the race.  This enables anyone / anywhere to participate - wherever they are.

Logo courtesy of Hart Marathon Photos
 I also ran as a part of a team of Runners made up of folks that were able to attend the event and Virtual Runners - Team #Run3rd.  #Run3rd is a movement begun by Actor/Famous Person Sean Astin.  Basically it means... I run first for me, I run 2nd for my family and those that are the closest to me, and 3rd I run for YOU... Read HERE for more about the movement. 

Today's race was Sandy Hook - Run for the Families.  Over 17,000 people ran in Hartford, CT this morning.  I live in Washington State.  Basically that is on the other side of the country.  No way I was going to be able to be there in person.  Luckily they offered the "Virtual" option for people who otherwise would not have been able to be part of it. 

Photo courtesy of Hart Marathon Photos

I felt glad to participate and do something.  My daughter is a 1st grader.  This is beautiful her in the photo below.  I can't imagine the loss the families experienced that day and in these days that have followed.


Not a day has gone by since Dec 14, 2012 that I haven't thought about each of those families and what they did the morning of Dec 14, 2012.  They woke their little ones for school... they fed them breakfast and helped pack backpacks... They drove them to school or walked them to the bus stop... they hugged them goodbye... never thinking that was the last time.  I can't imagine the pain... loss... heartache.  I pray for them all - for peace and healing.

I was honored to run today for all of them.

Me in Washington State after my miles

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Disney Movie Rewards and cashing in!

I have been a member at Disney Movie Rewards for a long time...  If you are not familiar with DMR then let me quickly explain.  Most Disney Movies you purchase have this inside...

First you need to set up an account at DMR (Disney Movie Rewards).  It is fairly straight forward and easy to do.  Then locate this paper inside each of your Disney movies and enter the "magic codes".  Then you begin to save up points so you can get lots of FREE stuff. (You do have to pay for postage so Freebie beware).  Being a member has other benefits as well... DMR often times has exclusive sweepstakes you can enter and coupon codes for newly released Disney movies.
Over the years I have cashed in a few fun things... mostly we get MORE movies.  My most recent Freebie from DMR is one of my all time favorites... not an old one but a classic!  ENCHANTED on Blu Ray! 
We already owned this classic on DVD but I wanted the Blu Ray to get the extra Bonus Features... (yes... I am a Bonus Feature Geek).  This Blu Ray has the addition of a "game" called The "D" Files.  When you select the game on the Bonus Features you basically watch parts of the movie and when references come up to other Disney movies the game quizzes you on what movies these references came from.  LOVE IT!  ENCHANTED is a terrific movie with references to LOTS of other Disney movies strung throughout! 
If you haven't ever given ENCHANTED some of your time - I strongly encourage you to give it a watch! 
DMR (Disney Movie Rewards) is worth it!  It takes some time and organization to get those codes and input them into your account... but Free is Free! Definitely worth it!

New Running Shoes

I finally got some new shoes... my Nike + app is telling me that since I started using Nike + I have logged... over 700 miles!  Most of those miles have been on these old poor shoes I bought last year when I decided to become a REAL runner!  I am sentimental... I ran my first 1/2 marathon in these shoes.  I have to let go.  Sniff Sniff.

I ventured north about an hour (we do not have a specialized running store where I live) and paid a visit to Fairhaven Runners in Bellingham, WA. 

The store was extremely busy (good for them) and I had to wait for someone to help me.  I never felt like they were ignoring me but the wait was interesting with my 4 year old son in tow.  Finally it was my turn.  I told the sales guy about how long I had been running and showed him my Mizunos (I brought them with me).  I tried on several pairs... some of the new version of Mizunos... Nike... and some other brands until I decided on Asics.  Price and fit came into play of course.  These have a good fit and felt great when I took them for a test run up and down the sidewalk in front of the store.  I spent a little more than I had thought I would but they felt so good and you just shouldn't cut corners on your shoes!


I am happy with the purchase but a little sad to see my Mizunos just sitting on the back shelf in the closet...  I ended up purchasing a size 10 1/2... geez... what is the next size up?  Does the box just say SKI on it?  Having 3 kids does have it's blessings but not so much on the size of your feet.

I can't wait to try them out... it is the first day of Spring but of course it is raining buckets outside so the treadmill is where I will be. **weather update - evidently Spring decided to show up... the sun is shining in Western Washington!  I think I will still stick with the treadmill since I have my 4 year old this morning until he heads to Preschool.

Yeah for new shoes!  I have a 10K this weekend so that is where they will get "broken in" ... can't wait!  This will be my first "race" since my Half Marathon in January!  I am itching to put a number back on!

** Ran 6.25 miles on the new shoes (treadmill) - I had to stop a couple of times to adjust the laces but the end of the run was great... I like them!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Running clothes and the drawer...

I have one large drawer in my closet dedicated to my "running clothes" - I do hang some of the shirts occasionally but for the most part everything is in this drawer except for my shoes.

This morning I got into the drawer to ... well you know ... get out some running clothes to wear.  It was just me and my 4 year old at home and I was going to hit the treadmill for a long run (8+ miles).  My drawer was a mess and it took me a bit to settle on "the perfect treadmill outfit".  I often times don't put a lot of thought into what I am wearing when I run on the treadmill but I do want to be comfortable.  I had success after a bit of jumbling and digging.  Note to self... organize drawer later.

When people say that running is a cheap sport I can't help but laugh out loud.  Those people usually say "All you need is a good pair of shoes and the open road".   While this is sort of true... The more I run the more I want/need more running clothes.  Then the more I run the more clothes I find out about and the more expensive those clothes are!  There are some pricey brands out there!  I am sure they are quality and worth every penny... right?  

I have found some pretty inexpensive options that work just fine at my local Wal Mart and Target.  Target Stores in particular carry several brands and I have been able to outfit myself fairly inexpensively.  Wal Mart carries the brand Danskin Now.  VERY reasonably priced and well fitting.  I own several tech type shirts from the Danskin Now brand and some running capris too and they have served me well so far.  I appreciate the bright colors of the shirts!  Target (a little more expensive)  tends to have more variety and bigger selection.  They constantly have markdowns as well and I have scored some major good deals on their clearance rack!


Well... let us get back to my drawer.  Like I said... I don't own a lot of expensive running gear.  The most expensive thing I own are my running shoes... well that is if you don't count my 2013 Tinkerbell Half Marathon Medal. (that wasn't cheap... be careful of the future runDisney addiction... once you get one you won't want to stop at just one... trust me!)  I guess my Tinkerbell medal can't really be counted as gear and I don't keep that in the drawer either!

I have found ways to save some money and get what I need to run comfortably and not look like I dressed myself at the Thrift Store (Some of my running clothes have come from Thirft Stores though) One way is to do inexpensive local runs and get more shirts!  Three of the nice tech shirts I own I got by doing runs that cost $30 or less... I get the expereince of the run and the shirt!  Yeah!  One local running club almost always has a shirt with all of their runs... but they are a basic cotton tee.  I don't run in those or wear them much for that matter so I have resorted to ordering my husband's size and he adds them to his collection.  The Neverland Family 5K that was held the Tinkerbell Half Weekend in January also had a cotton tee included.  My husband ran that one too so we have 2 of those.

My collection of race tech shirts is growing... some have been aquired at races and a few purchased a long the way.  My coveted black runDisney tech shirt was a freebie at the Tinkerbell Half Meet Up!  Then of course are my 2 Mousetalgia Nike dry fit that are always publicizing my FAVORITE Disneyland podcast! (purple and red on the right)  The red one says 'Eat my Pixie Dust" on the back! 

I folded and organized everything in an attempt to straighten out my drawer after the run today.  (Yes - I went 8.25 miles)  The organization in the photo below shows my newest addition to the drawer which is my Team Sparkle running skirt (black and sparkly).  Now the Team Sparkle running skirt is a little more of a running accessory than essential gear but I hear you may be able to improve your PRs when wearing them so in the "gear drawer" it goes!

I didn't really mention my running socks... yep they went in the drawer too.  They are the most expensive socks I own and I don't want to lose them in with my cheap everyday socks.  You have to take care of those feet... right?! 

So here is the finished project... tada... my running gear drawer!  Neat and Organized!  This ought to last at least for a little while.  Thanks for coming into my closet today to talk about running clothes!  Now go for a run!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday...

Lots of Blogs I check out do Wordless Wednesday... thought I would give it a try...

Photo taken on Main Street USA... of course at Disneyland!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wear a skirt when you run? Really?

This photo was taken at the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon Meet Up on January 18th, 2013...
aren't these girls adorable in their cute running skirts?  Most of the skirts in this photo are from a company 
When I first went out shopping for shoes and clothes that would be good for running I noticed them... skirts for girls to run in.  Really - I thought... they looked a little like what I remember girls wearing for playing tennis.  Now... these aren't prairie skirts like Laura Ingalls would wear but cute fitted or flowy skirts made short and appropriate to run in. (With appropriate undergarments of course).  Either they come with built in compression shorts or you wear a pair you already own. 

I thought the skirts were interesting the first time I saw them in a running store.  I thought they were really cute but couldn't imagine that I would have the guts to wear one out in public.   I am not a person who really likes wearing dresses anyway.   I did think that they might be a good alternative though to the "Dairy Queen Dipped" look that most spandex pants or shorts gave me... so I filed it away for the future.   Maybe someday... when I am a real runner. 

When I began to do some local races here in Washington State I cannot recall seeing very many women wearing any of these skirts...especially the sparkly ones... So I didn't give it much thought that I would be purchasing one (or more than one) any time soon. 

BUT... I did notice A LOT of women (and some men) wearing them in photos from many of the runDisney races at Disneyland and Disney World.  I was intrigued.  Especially because I had the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon 2013 in front of me.  The other thing I noticed was the costumes at the runDisney events.  I decided that I wasn't brave enough to try a costume this year but maybe... someday.  Now... about these skirts?

Kelly (from according to kelly), Tara Gidus (runDisney's Official Dietician) and famous actor/guy Sean Astin @ the Neverland 5K on January 19th, 2013 @ Disneyland
(totally borrowed this picture from Kelly's blog - hope that is okay)  I know Tara isn't wearing a skirt but Sean is!

The first event I attended at the FABULOUS Disneyland Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon Weekend was the runDisney Meet Up.  In the skirt wearing world I was WAY OUTNUMBERED!  In fact I felt like I forgot to put part of my outfit on.   Just look at this photo below... look at all the cute skirtness (yes... I made up that word) in this photo!  Now... not everyone is wearing a skirt BUT who is scoring high on the cuteness meter?  Yes... the gals wearing those adorable skirts!  I am one of the girls not wearing a skirt - far right holding the water bottle and wearing sunglasses towards the back.  Yep - that is me... wishing I had one of those skirts.

I will mention also the number of skirts I saw at the actual Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon races... off the charts!  Both the 5K and the 1/2 marathon were loaded with skirt wearing people!  Okay... maybe I will reconsider the running skirt.

Photo courtesy of runDisney - Do you see lots of skirts? 
 (not to mention the tutus but that is another post)
I took this photo while running down Main Street USA during the Half... yep- skirts everywhere. 
Sorry it is a little blurry - I was running.
All of this to say I am convinced that the running skirts are cute and practical now.  I think they may make your runs go well too.  I think I have heard that many runners have made PRs (that is personal record for you non-runner types) while wearing running skirts... but this is just a rumor.   I loved the way the sparkle skirts looked at Disneyland... so fun and sparkly! The skirts from Team Sparkle are very reasonably priced and they make skirts for young girls too!  Bonus for my 6 year old daughter who has a birthday coming up!
I also love the skirts made by Running Skirts and others I have seen from Nike and Lulumelon although a little more pricey than the sparkle counterparts
So today I ordered one... I ordered a skirt to run in!  I also ordered one for my daughter for her 7th birthday!  So I will be showing up at some local Washington races wearing a skirt... there you go... you have been warned!  You will have to leave a comment if you want to know which skirt I decided on for me and my daughter.  Nope - they don't match but they are from the same company.  I am so excited to wear it!  Maybe a PR is in my future!
Here are some links to a few blogs and articles I found about wearing running skirts and their popularity.  Love it!





Friday, March 8, 2013

I need new running shoes!

Late last spring I began my running career.  That sounds kind of strange to me - now that almost a year has gone by and I am still doing this!   Lots of things overwhelmed me in the beginning... What kind of clothes should I wear?  What shoes would be best for me?  Will I ever want to run farther than 1 mile?  When will I ever enjoy this process?  Will I look dumb in front of other more experienced people at races?  What if I come in last at a race?   What is the "runner's high" and will I ever find it?  What do I eat before I run?  What if I can't run and look stupid?  Yikes!

First off - I knew I needed some good shoes if I was to be proactive about injury prevention and just enjoy the running experience more.  So it was a no brainer to head to the best running store I knew about within an hour's drive... and that was Fairhaven Runners and Walkers in Bellingham, WA.

I walked into Fairhaven Runners on a somewhat busy day with 2 of my kid's in tow (ages 6 and 4).  I was immediately greeted by a really friendly sales guy that asked if he could help me.  Of course I said 'YES"!  Almost right off the bat another salesperson asked if my kids could have fruit snacks.  I said "YES" again.  They quickly returned with 2 packages of fruit snacks for my kids to enjoy while I shopped.   Win a mom's heart by thinking of her kids... good job!
The sales person asked what I needed and I told him I was a beginner runner and needed some running shoes.  He asked me some more questions.  Unfortunately I had not brought with me my current "walking" shoes.  That would have been helpful but not a total loss that I didn't have anything with me but the spring flip flops I was wearing.  I wish I could remember the name of the sales clerk that helped me that day.  He was so nice and helpful!  He NEVER seemed to talk down to me because I was inexperienced or new to running.  He didn't seem annoyed that my kids were all over the place either.   After asking me a few questions he sized up my feet to see what size I should be wearing.  Then he dissappeared to the back room for a little bit and returned with several boxes of really cool shoes.  It turns out that I had been wearing shoes that were too small for my feet - especially for running.  Oh well - a girl does what a girl does.
I tried on the first pair and they were awesome... It didn't stop there... The sales clerk said to put the other one on and lace them completely up - we were going outside for him to watch me run up and down the sidewalk.  Wow - really?  Okay... so I did what he told me to do and then reapeated it for the other shoes he had brought out.  I don't remember the different brands he had me try that day but I do know the shoes that I ended up with.  They were dreamy comfy and reasonably priced I thought.  I loved the chance to try them on a real street and was a little bit weirded out by him wanting to watch me run but it made sense so I did what he told me to do. 
I ended up with Mizuno Wave 8 Women's size 10.   Size 10?  Really?  I had always thought I wore a 9ish... but especially since having 3 children I needed a size 10.  I trusted the slaes clerk and I love the shoes.  It changed the entire way I felt when I tried to run.  Please - if you are a beginner and you are struggling to enjoy running or feel comfortable.  Go to a good running store and get fitted for shoes that fit you and are made for what you are doing!  Please just go!
I have been running for months now and have recently completed my first 1/2 marathon.  I completed the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon on January 20th at DISNEYLAND and the Neverland Family 5K the day before!  (Yeah for me!)  My Mizuno shoes are tired and I need to replace them.   My Nike + app is up and in the mid 700s now... it is time.
Here I am during the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon wearing my Mizuno shoes from Fairhaven Runners!
I recently bought a pair of Nike Fusion at Kohl's with no help whatsoever from a sales clerk...
I bought them purely because I needed a new pair for a trip and price was a huge factor.  They are comfortable and I love them for just plain old walking and wearing.  I have worn them for running 2 - 4 miles outside and for all distances on my treadmill.  They haven't bothered me at all.  I have been switching them out with my old pair though and not used them exclusively. 
The end of this shoe story is I just need to buy some new shoes.  Soon I will be making a trip north to Bellingham to be greeted again by the wonderful staff at Fairhaven Runners & Walkers and sink some dough into some new kicks.  Bonus for the trip is I may be able to squeeze in a visit to Trader Joe's !  The other store I want to fit a visit in to is Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods !  The Best Breakfast Cookie's and Granola around! 
I think I may write a review on their products that I have tried.  Yum!
PS - What I really want are the new New Balance shoes that you can only purchase at runDisney events (or on EBAY for a bazillion dollars) - so sad that I won't be able to purchase until next January when I make the trip back for the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon 2014!!!

I have no idea if these shoes would be good for my running style but I would look awesome wearing them! (and isn't that what matters most?)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am a runner...

I ran 9.08 miles yesterday - I am a runner.  Really?  A year ago I wouldn't have laughed at you had you told me that I would be running for 2 hours straight but I would have had a hard time believing that would be a true statement about myself and that it would be something that I could do!    I have had this goal in my head that I wanted to run a 1/2 marathon "someday" (maybe more than 1).   BUT - as far back as I can remember I have been told that I am not good at running,  I am not fast, and that I am not athletic.  So what do you do... you believe it.

Lets start before the running...four and a half years ago (2008) I had my 3rd baby... I gained A LOT of weight... because I could.  I knew he was my last baby (a surprise at 41)... we had trouble conceiveing the first 2 times and had paid lots of dollars to a fertility clinic to assist us in getting pregnant the first 2 times.   After my Luke was born I was miserable and needed to drop some weight.  I turned to Weight Watchers.  I had watched a few friends have GREAT success with WW.  I am a pretty focused person and if you put a goal in front of me that I believe in... get out of the way!   Controlling my diet and without much exersize  I was successful and dropped almost 70 pounds.  I reached my goal weight with in a little over a year and felt pretty awesome.  That lasted about 2 months and then I slowly started to put some of that weight back on.  I wasn't nursing my baby anymore and I hadn't really changed my major habits.  I knew that the answer was that I had to put some kind of exersize into my routine.  I dreaded it... I had no idea where to begin.  I had just sold my treadmill when I was pregnant and "nesting"... it took up too much room and drove me nuts.   I had 3 little kids and a crazy schedule.  How was I going to fit anything else into my routine?

Then sometime late in the summer of 2011 I saw this photo in a publication... 

I looked at this photo for a long time the first time I saw it... I have been a Disney addict since I was young.  I was born in Anaheim afterall - it was fate.  I love Disneyland and every single thing about it.  When I saw this photo and read the information about the Inaugural Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon I wondered if that was something I could do.   Kudos to runDisney for this photo... I imagined myself running through the castle MANY times... not to mention also imagined that my legs would look just like this girl.  

I figured if you are going to run a 1/2 marathon... then Disney was the place to do it.  I looked up the runDisney website and realized I was too late... there was no way I could pull my training and the finances together to make the 2012 Tinkerbell a reality.  But I didn't forget about it. 

Then 2012 hit and into the spring and I decided... 2013 Tinkerbell was mine!  I begged my husband to be able to try.  So in the Spring of 2012 I laced up my shoes and went out for my 1st run.  I thought I would die... I don't think I went farther than a couple of miles that first day and I walked a lot of it.  As I dug a little deeper on the runDisney site I found Jeff Galloway and read about his run/walk methods.  THIS sounded doable.  So I bought myself a Gymboss intreval timer and off I went.  I decided to sign up for some local races.  Many of my cyber running friends said this would help me stay motivated and assist in my training.  So I did some local races.   We also went on Craig's List and found a used treadmill... I have 3 young kids... I knew I would end up on the treadmill a lot of the time.  That was okay with me... it is what it is.  I would also strongly recommend any one interested in serious walking or running to go to a good running store and get fitted for shoes... I did.  I went to Fairhaven Runners in Bellingham, WA.  They were awesome and fitted me with some good shoes.

This is me at the Fairhaven 15K in Bellingham, WA - Yes a 15K was my first REAL race.  I figured - if you are gonna dive in you might as well dive deep!  I finished in 1 hour and 59 min!  My time was a little disappointing and I thought I would die the last 2 miles... but I made it.  I finished!

Then I did another race - this time a 10K in a nearby town - Arlington - 1 hour and 14 mins... and my kids got to see me finish.  It rained really hard at the beginning of this race and it really affected the turn out... only about 20 people did the 10K... I was the LAST 10K finisher... but I still won 3rd place in my age division!  I wore my runDisney shirt that I had ordered to motivate me and remind me what my goal was!  I met a lady who had run the Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon at Disney World.   She told me good luck and said that the Disney races would be a lifetime memory. 

I was feeling more confident and was losing some weight!  All big bonuses for me!
Then I did some more races...
This is me and my younger sister Heather at the Poulsbo 10K in Poulsbo, WA on October 14th, 2012. This was the first time I ran with someone else.  My time  - 1 hour 15 min and 16 seconds.  I felt great even if my sister ditched me at the end.
On December 8th, 2012 I actually ran a 5K at 8am (my time for the 5K was 39 minutes) and then went to a neighboring town and ran a 10K (1 hour and 17 min) all in the same day.  I had added a few minutes to my 10K time but hey I woke up and ran a 5K in the morning before it so that is my excuse for adding the few minutes.  CRAZY woman! (no photos from that day)
In the midst of all of this training and racing... I lost about 25 pounds of the weight I had gained back after Weight Watchers.  I was feeling so much better!
Then my BIG goal was right around the corner!  I couldn't believe it!  The Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2013 and I was so excited!  My husband and I planned the trip and decided earlier that the kids would not be coming this time.  We had just taken them in December of 2011 and finances just would allow for them to be there this time.  It promised to be really busy at the parks anyway - besides the Race Weekend it was also President's Day that Monday.  Crowded at the Parks!
I had made some cyber friends through a Facebook page for runDisney fanatics and Twitter.  I had learned about these amazing fan Meet Ups that runDisney holds at each of it's race weekends.  I HAD to get in.  I bought my plane tickets in advance banking that I would get in to this special event prior to the race festivities.  Turns out... I did get in!  I wrote about the runDisney Meet Up HERE.  Totally a dream come true!  That is me in the back row to Goofy's left - 3rd one in.
Then... I went on to run in the 5K and the 1/2 Marathon Tinkerbell Weekend 2013!
This photo is a little blurry but I love it anyway.
I am within about 5 pounds of my Weight Watchers goal weight (and have a goal to lose more)... I run about  3- 5 times a week depending on our schedule.  I have registered for some more local races this year and have plans to return to the Disneyland Resort to run the 2014 Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon!  This time I am taking a couple of friends with me!
It felt amazing to accomplish this goal!  I would recommend runDisney to any one!  So amazing and fun!  I would encourage anyone that seems to find running too hard or something they could not do to look into Jeff Galloway's training methods.  His program is so user friendly to newbies and people who never thought running would be something they could be successful at.  (I even got to meet Jeff at the special runDisney Meet Up I attended).
 I have dreams of doing MORE Disney races - getting my Coast to Coast medal... but reality right now is we have a one income family and 3 young kids AND we live in Washington State.  It takes some funds to make the trip to Disneyland or the World.  I also don't want to deprive my kids from trips while they are still young.  So we will do what we can and the time will come later.  I will be back to run the Tinkerbell 2014... can't wait! 
For now I will live vicariously through my cyber friends who fly from coast to coast and run all that Disney magic! 


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Keeping Disney in every day!

Keeping Disney in every day when you live far from the Magic of the Parks can be a challenge!

Unfortunately not every day do we get to wake up to this kind of magic!
(This is my oldest son on our trip in 2005 - it pays to have a Disney Visa and get to go to the Character Meet and Greet)

When we are in the midst of the magic one thing we love is the music of the parks and how that can add to atomsphere and really how we experience it!  All we need to do when we come home from vacation is turn on some of that music and immeadiately we are transported.  We have several cds that help with that but we have found something recently that is GREAT! 

Follow THIS link to Reedy Creek Radio and you can stream music from all 5 Disney parks right through your computer.  They play a variety of Parade, Park and atmosphere music that shuffles through.  I love how turning it on instantly puts me in a Disney state of mind.  I can close my eyes and almost smell the churros.  I can't believe we didn't know about this long ago!   I know they have an app for IPhone users (unfortunately I have an android).  We would encourage the folks at Reedy Creek Radio to get an app going for android users! We were a little curious where the "Reedy Creek" name came from.  We found interesting facts about that HERE.

Another way to access Disney Parks music is buying music.  HERE is a link to Amazon where lots of CDs are listed on that include Disney Parks music. Our favorite that we own is The Official Album of the Disneyland Resort that came out during the Happiest Homecoming on Earth (2005) - which was Disneyland's 50th Birthday year.   It is awesome and has a lot of music that is no longer "available" at the parks for listening.  So it becomes a bit of a walk down memory lane when we listen.

Another one of our favorites is a newer release - The Music of Carsland released in 2012.  Love this one!

It can be a challenge to keep the magic in every day - we have found that the music is the best way!  Other ways to bring the magic into your home and everday life - ... mickey pancakes, disney games (we have many - Disney Scene It, Buck a Roo, Disney Matching, Disney Rummikub, Disney Trivial Pursuit and many more) - Disney Snacks - we google up recipes online and try to recreate them.

We have even made up our own family Disneyland Game that we play around the dinner table, in the car or just about anywhere... it is called "What Ride am I on?" - Basically everyone takes a turn and describes the Queue (this is the name of the waiting area or line)  and then the actual ride itself and everyone else gets to make guesses about what you are describing.  Lots of fun and helps the kids and (and the adults) to remember details you might otherwise have forgotten.  Lots of fun!  Feel free to alter the game to suit those that are playing!

We wish you luck keeping that Disney magic in your every day. 

Wouldn't it be awesome if every day could be a Disney Day?!!!

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