Friday, July 25, 2014

Run through SAFECO Field! Yes Please!

We had so much fun the other evening running a fun 5K through SAFECO Field in Seattle benefiting Mariner's Care and their Refuse to Abuse charity!  I participated in this fun event last year but my daughter wasn't able to run last year because of age restrictions.  This year they changed the policy on age of children and made it possible for any children to run as long as they could finish "under their own power".  Makenna and I headed down for this fun evening race in our matching Sparkle Athletic skirts!

We arrived and took advantage of the FREE parking for running participants in the Mariner's official parking garage.  Made our way to the Bib pick up, got our bibs and bags quickly and then headed back to the van to dump our loot.  We quickly attached our race bibs... got our stuff together and made our way back to the start line to find some friends who were also there to participate.

Makenna got #888 - She said it was because she is 8 years old! 
I call that LUCKY!  What a fun number! (and she is adorable!)
 We waited for a bit at the start line and soon it was time for the race to begin.  There were slightly over 1000 participants.  The race organizers did not have corral assignments but just asked that folks line up with faster runners to the front.  Then they let the runners go in groups of about 75 or so at a time having a minute or so between groups.  We were in the 4th or so group and off we went.  Makenna did such a great job staying with me this time and taking the walk breaks when my interval timer would sound.  At about miile 2 or so she was tiring a little and asked to walk more then the timer was calling for but it was no big deal... we were there to have fun!  And we did!

The Medals were so much fun... little baseballs!

There are not a lot of races that can measure up to the "fun setting" (except for runDisney but that is another story)!  This race took us through the entire park and even across the bridges onto the top two levels of the parking garage.  So much fun to run through the Suite hallways and then down to access tunnels that the players use!  Then the finish took us out onto the actual field and the final steps are from Home plate to about 3rd base!  Access to the Medals and the after race treats was up through the Pitching area. 

So much fun!  I loved doing this race again and doubly loved it because my daughter could do it with me!  Loved it!

Have you ever run through a Major League Stadium?

Where would be your "dream spot" for a fun run? 

Who is your favorite person to get out and run with?  Or do you like to run with anyone at all?

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