Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Half Marathon? I am only "Half" crazy...

So as of today I have registered for my 2nd Half Marathon.  What?  Yep - I did!  This one is not at Disneyland or Disney "anywhere".  I wish.  Actually this one will take place fairly close to home... I can sleep in my own bed the night before and drive myself there the morning of the race.  Wow - really?  I am going to do this! 

When I originally decided to run a Half Marathon last year... deciding to run it at Disneyland was a no brainer for me.  Anyone that knows me even just a little knows that I am a Disney Junkie.  Have been all my life.   I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend in January.  LOVED every stinkin' minute of it!  I am planning to go back to Disneyland in January of 2014 and run the Tinkerbell Half Marathon again.   As soon as I passed over the finish line this past January I was so sad it was over.  I immediately said - 'I want to do that again!"

After coming home I knew that I wanted to put more Half Marathons on my calendar.  But which ones?  So I started to do some research.  Timing and weather around the Pacific Northwest are key.  Rain is always a possibility but some months are better than others.  Also for the "running goal" setter that I am - I needed the races I chose to be strategically placed on my calendar.  I found a couple in the Fall of 2013 that seemed great... but I wanted one sooner.   I needed it for me and the way I challenge myself.  I don't want to ever feel like I have to begin my training all over again - I wanted to keep it up all year!

I have registered for the Heroes Half which will take place on April 28th just a bit south of where we live.  The proceeds go towards military families and First Responders.  Okay then... I can get behind that!  I have a brother - in - law and a niece currently serving in the United States Navy...I love them very much!  Don't they look awesome here in this photo?  I think so too!

Also...  who doesn't love First Responders in uniform?   My husband is okay with that comment... and don't you love the tek shirts too? 

I know there is a finisher medal for the Half Marathoners but I am not sure what it looks like... I googled last years... hope they redesigned for this year.  The course Is "flat and fast"... which to me I like the FLAT part... Fast is something I have realized I will never be.  I am fine with that.


I am excited to see how I will do... training has been going well and I have one 10K race under my belt that has been "post" Tinkerbell Half.  I have a few 5Ks and another 10K between now and then.  I should be fine.  Right?  Then why I am nervous?  Will I survive without my character photo stops?   Without my castle?  All of the Disney fun?  We shall see.


  1. I'm going through the same thing right now! I did the Princess Half last month, and it was my first...I had SUCH a blast and I'm totally addicted to runDisney races now (I'm already signed up for the Dumbo Double Dare in DL and I'm registering for Wine and Dine)! But I felt I had to sign up for some other local races right away to keep me motivated, and I'm wondering how I'll fare in my second half marathon next month without all of the Disney magic! ;-D

    1. Lucky you that you have some Disney to look forward to... I won't get any runDisney until next January... boo hoo. Good Luck to you and check back to see how I do!

  2. Having spent the weekend reading anything and everything I can get my hands on about runDisney- I find your story so inspiring- I also want to start running to get into shape... so far I have completed C2K5 W1 (so I have 7 more weeks to go) my first 5K is on May 18th
    I was wondering if you have an email or place that people can send you inquiries/questions etc?

    Thank you,
    QallieQ at gmail dot com


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