Sunday, March 3, 2013

Keeping Disney in every day!

Keeping Disney in every day when you live far from the Magic of the Parks can be a challenge!

Unfortunately not every day do we get to wake up to this kind of magic!
(This is my oldest son on our trip in 2005 - it pays to have a Disney Visa and get to go to the Character Meet and Greet)

When we are in the midst of the magic one thing we love is the music of the parks and how that can add to atomsphere and really how we experience it!  All we need to do when we come home from vacation is turn on some of that music and immeadiately we are transported.  We have several cds that help with that but we have found something recently that is GREAT! 

Follow THIS link to Reedy Creek Radio and you can stream music from all 5 Disney parks right through your computer.  They play a variety of Parade, Park and atmosphere music that shuffles through.  I love how turning it on instantly puts me in a Disney state of mind.  I can close my eyes and almost smell the churros.  I can't believe we didn't know about this long ago!   I know they have an app for IPhone users (unfortunately I have an android).  We would encourage the folks at Reedy Creek Radio to get an app going for android users! We were a little curious where the "Reedy Creek" name came from.  We found interesting facts about that HERE.

Another way to access Disney Parks music is buying music.  HERE is a link to Amazon where lots of CDs are listed on that include Disney Parks music. Our favorite that we own is The Official Album of the Disneyland Resort that came out during the Happiest Homecoming on Earth (2005) - which was Disneyland's 50th Birthday year.   It is awesome and has a lot of music that is no longer "available" at the parks for listening.  So it becomes a bit of a walk down memory lane when we listen.

Another one of our favorites is a newer release - The Music of Carsland released in 2012.  Love this one!

It can be a challenge to keep the magic in every day - we have found that the music is the best way!  Other ways to bring the magic into your home and everday life - ... mickey pancakes, disney games (we have many - Disney Scene It, Buck a Roo, Disney Matching, Disney Rummikub, Disney Trivial Pursuit and many more) - Disney Snacks - we google up recipes online and try to recreate them.

We have even made up our own family Disneyland Game that we play around the dinner table, in the car or just about anywhere... it is called "What Ride am I on?" - Basically everyone takes a turn and describes the Queue (this is the name of the waiting area or line)  and then the actual ride itself and everyone else gets to make guesses about what you are describing.  Lots of fun and helps the kids and (and the adults) to remember details you might otherwise have forgotten.  Lots of fun!  Feel free to alter the game to suit those that are playing!

We wish you luck keeping that Disney magic in your every day. 

Wouldn't it be awesome if every day could be a Disney Day?!!!

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  1. Hey this is Byron from Reedy Creek Radio. Really want to thank you for listening and writing about us. Also want to let you know that we have a brand new Android app. Would love to hear your feedback!

    Link for download


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