Saturday, April 27, 2013

My first "Non - Disney" Half Marathon... Yikes!

So ... it is 9:07pm and I am writing a blog post about how nervous I am and freaked out about the Half Marathon I am running in the morning.  Yep... it is my first REAL Half Marathon in the "real" world.  'Cause Disney doesn't really count does it?

I finished the Tinkerbell Half Marathon last January at Disneyland (which was totally awesome and amazing) ... but are Disney miles REAL miles?  Or do you just float on pixie dust most of the way?   Will I be able to finish smiling without my castle, the characters, the costumes? (I am wearing some teamsparkle tomorrow just for me and for the compliments!)  runDisney puts on amazing races... I have only participated personally in one weekend of awesomeness... but I read a heck of a lot of blogs about others who have an addiction to runDisney... all of the events from Coast to Coast sound amazing!

I picked up my race bib and tech shirt today and in the craziness of having my 3 kids in tow I totally forgot to take any photos at Packet Pick up.   I am participating in the Heroes Half just south of where I live in Everett, WA.  There is a slight chance of rain... seriously?  Please precip!

I am probably hardest on myself... the doubts and the negative talk to myself... I can do this ... right?    Of course!  I will still be nervous at the start... heck - I am even nervous that I won't be able to find the parking lot for participants.  I keep hearing in my head... "you don't belong here..."  "Go Home"... "You are in your 40s and have 3 little kids... you can't run here"... "this is for the girls with skinny legs that can run under an eight minute mile... not you"...  Why do I torment myself and do this - say all these crazy things to myself and then when I finally get there and stand at that start line... I will be okay... even if I cross that line last.   I will cross that line!

I have a little teensy time goal for myself tomorrow.  I am not going to say here what it is (yet)... It isn't a humungous difference from what my time was at Tinkerbell in January...  If I don't get it tomorrow that will be okay.  I am sure going to try though.  Pace myself... run my own race... don't get overwhelmed... walk when I want to... and just have fun!  I do run/walk/run intrevals... this particular race tomorrow welcomes walkers as well... BUT the walkers are starting 30 minutes prior to the runners.  So... this confused me... when do I start?  With the walkers or the runners?  So... about a week ago I e-mailed the race director and asked.  They responded with... 4 words... START WITH THE RUNNERS.  Okay then.  I might be last.

This post seems a little random... I blame pre 2nd Half Marathon jitters.  I am going to go and rearrange my things for the morning now... then try to sleep.  I will let you all know how it goes soon!  Thanks.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ran a 5K with my Daughter on her 7th Birthday!

I recently participated in a 5K about an hour north of where we live.  The race was a benefit for the "scholarship fund" for a summer camp I used to work at prior to marriage and children.   The Firs is located in Bellingham, WA... one of the prettiest spots in the Pacific Northwest!   Love that place!   I love the camping industry... worked in it for 13 years!  The 5K had a Super Hero theme... the Super Hero 5K !  Loads of fun!  Lots of costumes!  it almost felt like a Disney race because if you didn't have at least a little bit of a costume you felt a little dumb!

It was my daughter's 7th birthday - she ran the entire race with me ... dare I say faster than me... well I was pushing my almost 5 year old in the stroller.  That is a long hard way with a kid that weighs probably 40ish pounds!

The race was really well organized and after a quick race day bib pick up - we were off.  The course was a combination of a little road running and then onto the running trails of Whatcom Falls Park.  It was wet and a little muddy but other than that - no complaints.  My running app came up a little short on mileage at the end (for a 5K).  None the less I was excited to see that finish line and get out of the snow and rain.  The race supplied LOTS of snacks and prizes for top finishers.  They had small things the kids could get like Batman rings and even some capes for sale. (We made our own and proudly wore them!)  After the awards were handed out the entire crowd sang Happy Birthday to my Makenna!  We had so much fun!

It was freezing that morning and actually snowed while we were running!  

I didn't take too many photos because of the weather but all in all a great fun run!  We had a blast! 
Next up - April 28th!  The Heroes Half in Everett, WA! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Race Recaps - River and Rails 10K, Hippity Hop 5K, Tulip Run - 5 miler

Recently I have participated in a few local races... let me tell you about a few...

Arlington Runners Club sponsored the recent River & Rails 10K/5K on March 23rd ... the course was a simple out and back on the Centennial Trail just outside the city of Arlington, WA at Haller Park.  I participated in the 10K and my friend Carrie ran the 5K (which was her 1st!).  The trail is an awesome paved trail that used to be a railroad system but has been reclaimed as a trail used for recreational use in our area!  So great!  They used time chips and the race was awesomely (is that a word) supported!  My family came out and cheered me on which always makes me so happy!  I also ran the mileage that day for the virtual run of the Sandy Hook Run for the Families.  That official run took place in Connecticut... a little far from Washington State.  So participating as a Virtual Runner was a great way to still be involved.

On March 30th (Easter Weekend) I ran in our little town's Easter run - the Hippity Hop 5K... a quick little race right in our sleepy little suburban city.  There was a great turnout and perfect weather.  The race was really well organized right up until they said "GO"... the race organizer unfortunately didn't notice that the course flaggers sent the runners the backwards way on the course and subsequently cut off about .6 of a mile.  When I came around to the finish I saw the race clock and got a great confidence boost and then realized there was no way we could really be done.  My friend Carrie was there for that one too.  My daughter is sporting her Team Sparkle with me!  Oh well... it was fun and I made up the mileage by running around the bank parking lot a few times.  Happy Easter!

Then on April 6th I jumped out of bed and raced up north about a half hour to the beautiful Skagit Valley to participate in the 2013 Tulip Run 2/5 Miles.  I wasn't preregistered so I was unable to be time chipped.  Oh well.  When I arrived about an hour before race time I didn't really know what to expect.  I have never ran in any races sponsored by the Skagit Runners ClubThe registration process was really well organized and registration took place inside at one of the large bulb growing farm warehouses.  The weather was less than perfect... pouring rain!  I returned to my car after I got my number and contemplated just driving back home.  It wasn't just drizzling - it was POURING! 
Here is a picture to prove it... as I sat in my car wondering if I should even get out!
Well... I did get out... and run I did.  The course ran about 20% on pavement and the rest on a very established trail.  It was a terrific experience and although I have never run a race that was a "5 miler" I had a time goal in my head that I wanted to finish under and I made it!  Yeah!  The HOT shower I had when I got home was much needed - chilled to the bone though!
Up next weekend... the Super Hero 5K in Bellingham, WA!  Can't wait!  




Two more... I am 1/2 crazy!

I went for it... I now have two more half marathons on my schedule... I am HALF CRAZY!  I have registered for the Bellingham Bay 1/2 in Bellingham, Washington on September 29th.  This course should be beautiful... a little hilly at points but a great experience.  I have many friends who ran the different lengths other years (5K, half and the full marathon) and have gone on and on about the course and how well it is supported in the community!  Excited for that one!

I have also registered for the Poulsbo Half in Poulsbo, WA on Oct 13th.  I ran the 10K last year with my younger sister.  It was fun to travel over to the Kitsap Peninsula and run with my sister.  I don't usually run with anyone... certainly a different experience but fun all around.  Looking forward to a different course and the fun!  Hoping for some good weather! 

I also don't want to ignore the fact that these 2 races are 2 weeks apart... hope that will go well for me.  Both of these runs will promise waterfront views and some beautiful scenery!

When I head back to California for the runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014 - it will be my 5th Half Marathon!  Crazy!  Half Crazy!
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