Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year and New Goals! 2015!

Happy New Year! 

It is the 5th of January and the start of a brand new year!  The holiday season proved a busy one around our family... with family and friend get togethers, church, school performances, my daughter's ballet performances... and more!  I am tired just looking back at all we did! 

The start of the new year brings a deep breath, a new start, and blank calendars!   I have kept up my running and have managed to keep my monthly mileage over 100 miles per month for 20 months now!  That is just down right crazy in my mind... how in the world have I done that... this girl who hated anything to do with running or moving fast (unless I was on a horse)?!

I have begun to map out my 2015 with race dates... just a few for now.  To date I have completed 13 Half Marathons (since January of 2013).  My most recent one being last October.  Number 14 is looming (in a good way) though and that is a big motivation to keep it up!  

My next race will be a new one for me...
The Rain Run.  The race route begins in Redmond, WA at Marymoor Park and this is what their site says about the course... 

"The race will start at Redmond's Marymoor Park, do a loop inside the park and then head north along the Sammamish River Trail.  Runner's will turn around and head back just past 145th st.  From there, it's a straight shot back, no loop around Marymoor at the finish.

There will be three aid stations along the course, at about miles 3, 7 and 11.  There are also potties at about miles 5 and 9 (in Sixty Acres Park, for those of you that are familiar with the trail)."

I love a new race (and a new medal) and am looking forward to a new course and area!  I was super jealous last year when I returned form California after doing the Tinker Bell weekend at Disneyland and then realized a bunch of the Northwest Tink runners were registered for this race.  I was determined not to miss out in 2015!

(Photo credit - The Rain Run)

The Rain Run will bring my Half totals to 14... I am registered for a 15K in Seattle on March 1st... The Hot Chocolate Run.   I did this race last year (recap HERE well not really a full recap but there are pictures from the race)... not looking forward to the hills but it is fun to run in Seattle.  New scenery is good and they added a cute medal this year for the 15K distance which is fun!  I like medals. 

Then it will be on to Half #15 in Everett on April 12th.  The Everett Half Marathon (link to my 2013 recap of the Heroes Half)  This race has changed ownership recently and was formerly known as the Heroes Half.   I have completed this race twice... so the course will be nothing new but this is a geographically close one for me and I received half off my registration for volunteering at another race I did recently so it is a no brainer to just do it.

This coming May (Mother's Day Weekend) will mark my return to Disneyland to complete my 3rd Tinker Bell Race Weekend!  I can't wait!  This is where it all started... literally!  To date this will be Half #16 (my favorite number)!  Now if you know me even just a little bit... you know I love me a little Disney!  Since the Half Marathon wouldn't be enough for me - I am registered to do the 5K and the 10K on three consecutive mornings with the Half as the finale!  In 2014 I did the 10K and the Half so we are just talking a little 3.1 miles extra... I can do that!  

January 2014 at Disneyland after I finished the Half Marathon!

If you have been a visitor to my blog before you may notice that this Race weekend has moved... yes... you are correct.   For 3 years the Tinker Bell Race Weekend has taken place during the 3rd week in January.  (I have only participated in 2013 and 2014)  runDisney moved the Tinker Bell Race to May for 2015 to make room for an additional race weekend which took Tink's January dates.  Check out to see all the fun you are missing. (No - I won't be at any of the other weekends that runDisney offers unless I win the lottery.)  I seriously cannot wait until this fabulous getaway!  Once again the family will be staying home and it is just me and some friends going.  The race weekends are notoriously crowded at the Parks though so that makes it a little easier to leave the kiddos at home.  Although it makes me a little sad to not have the family along...they will get their chance to go again someday.

After my fun in California I will return home with another adventure on the horizon!  In July I will be participating in my very first Relay... The Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage Race.  This race is done with a team a people over the course of 2 days (and a night).   I will be part of a team and complete three legs of the race in cooperation with all of the other team mates and travel in two vans... and not shower in between... hmmm.  I have heard amazing things about the experience of completing one of these so I am really excited and a little nervous too.  Check back to find out more about this one!

So that sums up what I have so far as I peak into 2015 and my running (and walking) adventures.  I am still juggling my family and responsibilities and trying to keep everything in balance.  My children are growing up before my eyes and every time I blink they are taller, challenging me (in a good way), and becoming the people they will be.  I feel pretty blessed to be part of that journey!


I would love to hear about some of your adventures, goals, resolutions (if you do that), and challenges.   Many blessings in this New Year to you and Yours!

What adventurous plans do you have for 2015?

Are you going to try something new (to you) this year?  What is it?

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