Saturday, March 23, 2013

Virtual Runner - Run for the Familes - Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary

Today I completed a 5K distance as a "Virtual Runner".  Do you know what that is?  A Virtual Runner basically means that you register for a race and run the mileage on your own in honor of the cause of the race.  This enables anyone / anywhere to participate - wherever they are.

Logo courtesy of Hart Marathon Photos
 I also ran as a part of a team of Runners made up of folks that were able to attend the event and Virtual Runners - Team #Run3rd.  #Run3rd is a movement begun by Actor/Famous Person Sean Astin.  Basically it means... I run first for me, I run 2nd for my family and those that are the closest to me, and 3rd I run for YOU... Read HERE for more about the movement. 

Today's race was Sandy Hook - Run for the Families.  Over 17,000 people ran in Hartford, CT this morning.  I live in Washington State.  Basically that is on the other side of the country.  No way I was going to be able to be there in person.  Luckily they offered the "Virtual" option for people who otherwise would not have been able to be part of it. 

Photo courtesy of Hart Marathon Photos

I felt glad to participate and do something.  My daughter is a 1st grader.  This is beautiful her in the photo below.  I can't imagine the loss the families experienced that day and in these days that have followed.


Not a day has gone by since Dec 14, 2012 that I haven't thought about each of those families and what they did the morning of Dec 14, 2012.  They woke their little ones for school... they fed them breakfast and helped pack backpacks... They drove them to school or walked them to the bus stop... they hugged them goodbye... never thinking that was the last time.  I can't imagine the pain... loss... heartache.  I pray for them all - for peace and healing.

I was honored to run today for all of them.

Me in Washington State after my miles

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