Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Disney Movie Rewards and cashing in!

I have been a member at Disney Movie Rewards for a long time...  If you are not familiar with DMR then let me quickly explain.  Most Disney Movies you purchase have this inside...

First you need to set up an account at DMR (Disney Movie Rewards).  It is fairly straight forward and easy to do.  Then locate this paper inside each of your Disney movies and enter the "magic codes".  Then you begin to save up points so you can get lots of FREE stuff. (You do have to pay for postage so Freebie beware).  Being a member has other benefits as well... DMR often times has exclusive sweepstakes you can enter and coupon codes for newly released Disney movies.
Over the years I have cashed in a few fun things... mostly we get MORE movies.  My most recent Freebie from DMR is one of my all time favorites... not an old one but a classic!  ENCHANTED on Blu Ray! 
We already owned this classic on DVD but I wanted the Blu Ray to get the extra Bonus Features... (yes... I am a Bonus Feature Geek).  This Blu Ray has the addition of a "game" called The "D" Files.  When you select the game on the Bonus Features you basically watch parts of the movie and when references come up to other Disney movies the game quizzes you on what movies these references came from.  LOVE IT!  ENCHANTED is a terrific movie with references to LOTS of other Disney movies strung throughout! 
If you haven't ever given ENCHANTED some of your time - I strongly encourage you to give it a watch! 
DMR (Disney Movie Rewards) is worth it!  It takes some time and organization to get those codes and input them into your account... but Free is Free! Definitely worth it!

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