Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Neverland 5K at Disneyland

The Neverland 5K took place on January 19th, 2013 at 5:45am!  This was so awesome and a great addition to our Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon Weekend!  Some folks I talked with thought I was nuts to be doing both!  I loved it and it was a great experience!  My husband Brian and I both participated in this "FUN" run.  It was not a time chipped race... just for fun!  We had some of that!

Saturday - January 19th - we got up about 4:15 and got ready to head over to Disneyland Park and line up for the start of the Neverland 5K. We headed over and ended up in the HUB just to the right of the Castle... we didn't realize it but we were very close to the start. The runDisney organizers just grouped people in order of how they arrived. Since this was a "FUN" run and nobody was being offically timed it was a but of the luck of your arrival of where you ended up. 

We were in the second group from the start. After waiting in the CCCCold... we were treated to some really cool Fireworks over the Castle and then Tinkerbell flew back and forth over the Castle. Pretty amazing! Here is a link to the Neverland 5K course MAP.  Then we heard .... GO! We were off... !!!  The course took a right around the castle and headed off turning right past Small World and then heading to the Back Stage area behind Small World.  Disneyland had pulled out various floats from holiday parades... we saw a couple of Christmas floats and some Halloween too.  We continued behind Toon Town and then came through a tunnel... and then back into the Park.

The route continued around the other side of the Castle and then towards the Rivers of America through the Frontierland entrance.  The Sailing Ship Columbia was out!

Can you tell who had the camera?  A great shot of my husband with the ship!  We continued around the Rivers of America and past the Haunted Mansion... where we saw the LOST BOYS!  I totally forgot to get a photo (I did get a good one during the 1/2 the next day)!  We headed backstage again behind Splash Mountain and then out the entry and through the Esplanade and headed toward California Adventure!
We entered California Adventure through a Back Stage entrance by Tower of Terror.  Headed straight down Hollywood Land and made a left around Carthay Circle.

We then headed into CARSLAND!  We hit it at just the right time because there was hardly a wait for photo ops!  Here are some...
This was so much fun!  I can't even communicate it in words!  We continued through CARSLAND and then ran through Pacific Wharf and over the bridge.  Then hung a left up and past Ariel's Grotto.  I had to pause and take a photo of the animals along the way...  How do you get this job?  Next to being a Horse Trolley Driver on Main Street - this would be my 2nd choice!
We conitnued on down past California Screamin' and headed towards Toy Story Midway Mania.  We got this great shot there... no wait for this photo!

Woo Hoo... almost done... (sad though because I just didn't want it to end!)  The BIG finish line was about where Jumpin' Jellyfish and Goofy's Sky School is located.    The World of Color lights were on and bubbling with awesome colors!  We got our really cute medals and our Disney race treats!

We hung out for a little bit watching more and more fun folks come across the finish line!  What a fun and amazing experience!  Sign me up for MORE!  We headed back to the hotel and got ready for another fun day at DISNEYLAND!  My husband did such an awesome job!  So proud!

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