Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am not a real runner either... but I am trying to be one.

I recently read a blog post by someone I do not know personally.  You can find it   HERE.   I found the entry on Facebook on the wall of a of friend (a real life friend that is also a Facebook friend).  It is written by a gal that is a runner but claims to not be a "real" one.  I related so much to her and what she had to say.  She has been pretending longer than I... so she inspires me that I can do this longer than just a few short months.  I have taken some of her advice... like running right down the middle of streets when there are no cars.  She is right about the road being softer that the sidewalks.   Give it a read if you are a pretend runner or maybe you don't run at all but are thinking that someday you might want to try. 
Okay... so now I am going to post here after such an embarrassing absence!  Terrible!  I am going to use this space for updates and musings about my training for my 1st ever Half Marathon ... running it of course at DISNEYLAND in January of 2013!  Follow me if you like and read about my experiences as I prepare for this!  I have never been a runner... I do like being fit and have had segments of my life thus far where I have felt somewhat athletic... but NEVER a runner.  I had a basketball coach in High School that actually compared my legs to Fred Flintstone... Yah... thanks... short, stubby and never really getting anywhere... maybe that is why I have never thought I could possibly do this!  Well... now I know that I can!  Just watch me!  by the way... the cute girl in the advertisement above is not me... I can dream that my legs look that good.
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