Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sun Sun Sun

Last Sunday was the most crazy February weather in Washington! We had beautiful sunny skies and it was really warm out... now not August warm but very warm. Makenna has been asking for weeks if we could get the little wading pool out and a week or two ago I gave in and hauled it out of the shed for her to play with water on the patio. So... when we got home from church last Sunday all she could do was run for her room and put on her swimsuit as fast as she could... the boys were hot on her tail. I have to admit is was really warm sitting in the sun and enjoying their "summer" squeals on that warm February day. Weather update... today (Wednesday Feb 24) it is cold out and drizzling. Yes - we are in Washington.


  1. Oh what fun pictures!! L is getting so big. The last time he played here he wasn't nearly so mobile. Don't you love it now that they are old enough to really PLAY with each other!!!

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  3. Sorry! I meant to say, I love all the pictures! It seems you guys had a great time and made the most of your sunny day!


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