Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love organizing and I love a good deal...

I love to reorganize... to purge and to live simply. Money is very tight for us these days but it doesn't stop me from rethinking and rearranging our home. Craigslist is my FAVORITE place to get a good deal and get rid of those things that we are finding we don't need anymore. My most recent find is a shelf /cubby organizer (new $199 @ IKEA but I got it for $65 on Craigslist!) that we are using for toy and book storage. We already owned one of these in a smaller size that is going to do duty in one of kid's closets now. All I had to was sell a couple of things ourselves and tada... new shelf paid for! I love that! It's a "green" purchase and I love that too! WIN WIN WIN!
Back a few days later to post photos of the finished product... One photo is the smaller shelf in the kid's closet and the other larger shelf is in our playroom! Yeah - all up and organized... now on to my pantry cupboard because my friend Melinda in AZ is inspiring me!

1 comment:

  1. You'll have to post pictures after it's mounted and "loaded" with all your organized stuff!!


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