Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A GREAT Daddy and so much more...

It is almost Valentine's Day... I have never really loved this holiday... back in my single days I used to kind of hate it. Now that I have been married for almost 10 years I still don't love it but do try to take advantage of making those close to me feel special. I try to do this everyday but V-day gives us a reason to do it on purpose right along with the rest of the world for 24 whole hours! I married a GREAT guy... I knew this when I said yes 10 years ago to the day on V-day when he asked me to be his wife... but I know this way more now. He loves us and takes care of us in ways that I never dreamed. Brian is a guy who puts everything in the right order... He loves God first and this is so evident, then he loves me, lucky me! Then there is Wyatt, Makenna, and Baby Luke... He loves them in ways I can't! He is constantly finding creative ways to "hang out" with them. Whether it is planting flowers and digging in the dirt with Makenna, building some kind of project or discussing space ships and why we can't build one ourselves with Wyatt or loving and hugging on Baby Luke... not to mention the changing of diapers which he willing volunteers for! He loves me through all of my compulsive housecleaning... my countless days that I wait until 6pm to even think about anything for dinner... my over talkativeness (is that a word?)... and so many more flaws that he wades through to love me! We are so blessed!

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  1. I love that you pointed out how our spouses love the kids in way we can't. We are blessed.


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