Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mommy/Daughter Bonding

I never thought I would ever have a daughter... I had always pictured myself the Mommy of boys. The good news is God thought otherwise and I do have daughter... Makenna! From the moment she entered the world I have been a little stunned and blessed that we have her. She is a bundle of energy and sassyiness (sp) these days. We are trying to learn to parent this personality so pray for us! Oh how we love our girl! Today we had some bonding time. I did something with her that I used to do with my mom... we watched a Shirley Temple movie. Well at least part of one... Makenna didn't make it to the end. Her attention span for movies isn't what Wyatt's is for sure but she watch for a good while. The first thing she said after I pushed play was that she wanted to watch something else because "this movies had no colors on it". But then... something magical happened when Shirley crooned her first little tune... Makenna's eyes danced a little and she looked at me said... "Mommy ... I like that girl and this movie is fun." I actually got a little teared up... I don't have tons of memories of my mom but I do have some and watching that movie with Makenna today... well I felt for a second or two that my mom was there too. She loved Shirley Temple movies and always made sure my sisters & I saw and enjoyed them when we were young. Good wholesome entertainment. We watched "Stowaway"... can't wait to reserve some more from the Library and introduce Shirley Temple's other movies to Makenna over the years. Then it will be on to Anne of Green Gables, Little House, and so on and so on. I am so glad I got a girl. Thanks for thinking of it God.


  1. We've watched Anne of Green Gables as a family. I'm partial to it because of the red hair and I watched ALL of the movies with my mom, too. The kids loved it, even Daniel.

    So glad you've found a way to help your mom leave a beautiful imprint on Makenna, too.

  2. Kim!
    What a sweet moment! I am so glad that you wrote it down! Ravenna and I just watched part of Little House on the many memories.
    Thanks for sharing!!!


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