Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cutting the curls off...

I took Luke (my baby of my babies) in for a real big boy haircut today. I forgot the camera (poor 3rd child). This photo is from a few weeks ago definately PRE haircut! He cried through most of it but was so happy when the hairstylist brought out the prize! A green dum dum sucker for a reward! Ahhh... to be satisfied with just that. So with big croc tears he licked his prize and looked up at me with a whole new look. His floppy head of curls was gone and this little boy looked up at me. Sad... I keep thinking everytime I look at all 3 of my small ones ... where did my babies go? I watched Makenna walk in line with her Preschool classmates the other day and wondered whose big girl is that? I helped Wyatt with his Kindergarten homework (yes they have homework in Kindergarten... this surprised me too) last night and he counted AND wrote his numbers 1 - 100! Wow! Harvard watch out! I am so proud of him! I am holding on tight knowing that everyday brings a little more independnce on all of their parts but those babies dissappear a little more too. How sad but good... defiantely a mixed blessing... but what a blessing they all are!!! Lucky me!


  1. Last night I told Eric I don't want D to go to Kindergarten next year. I'm going to miss him. They grow up so stinkin' fast.

    L's curls are adorable, but the big boy haircut is inevitable.

    Glad you're blogging!

  2. Great blog Kim! It'll be hard to recognize him in next Sunday. Brih's never grew back...


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