Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2015 - Mother's Day

I once again had the opportunity to take a trip to Anaheim, California and participate in the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in May of 2015.  It took place over Mother's Day weekend in May.  

Let me give you a little background...
The Tinker Bell Race Weekend began at Disneyland in 2012 - the Inaugural weekend as a part of the runDisney Race Series offered through runDisney at both of it's North American theme parks (Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Flordia).  In 2012 the Tinker Bell Half weekend at Disneyland consisted of a 5K and Half Marathon races respectively and took place in January.   I did not participate that year because - well at that point for me personally - running (or walking for that matter) a Half Marathon was a total out of the question... no way... a complete impossibility.  Or at least I thought...

Fast forward... I did it!  The 2nd year of Tinker Bell in 2013 I somehow trained, made the trip, and participated in my first Half Marathon... (and I did the 5K too)!  It was a total - off the charts - awesome experience!  ...and I was hooked!

Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2013

I came home after that first trip and signed up for more races... a lot more... and I registered to go back to the Tinker Bell Half at Disneyland again... and again!

Tinker Bell Half Weekend 2014

Obviously - I LOVE it and can't stay away.  If I could afford to do more runDisney I would!  

This past May of 2015 - we were set and ready - I was traveling this year with friends and we were definitely making this a girl's weekend!  We flew down from Seattle early Thursday morning the 7th of May.  The Race EXPO was opening that morning and we were registered for the 5K and the Pixie Dust Challenge so we wanted to make sure we were there early enough to get all of our needed Race EXPO things (bibs, shirts, and free stuff) as well as have time to shop a bit at the fun Disney Race EXPO. (The Pixie Dust Challenge is a registration that combines the 10K and the Half Marathon as a "Challenge" and then you receive an extra medal and shirt in addition to the regular things.)  Our flight was an early one out of Seattle and we flew directly into John Wayne airport in Orange County - which I think is the most convenient when traveling to Disneyland from one of the local airports.  We made it with no major glitches... checked in at our Good Neighbor Hotel - Best Western Stovalls and we were off to the EXPO!

The EXPO was a bit crowded when we got there (which was about 10am) - we had some fun shopping the official merchandise and then made our way around to the other booths.  As usual runDisney had a good mix of booths and merchandise available... as well as an interesting and helpful speaker series that took place at scheduled times on the main stage.

Now... this Blog post is suppose to be about the Half Marathon that took place on Sunday - May 9th - Mother's Day... specifically... so lets get down to it.  I did write about the Neverland 5K HERE and the Tinker Bell 10K HERE.  I had done this actual half marathon twice before... so there were no big surprises... or should I say Brand New to me things about it.  It was still an AMAZING experience and so much fun I can't even explain it... this year was a little different because I was doing this race as a part of the Pixie Dust Challenge and would receive and extra medal for my accomplishment at the end!  (which I did... yeah me!)  runDisney added this feature to the race for this year... the 10K had been added in 2014 but not part of any challenge.  I had done both the 10K and the Half in 2014 as well.

Photos on the course tell the story best...

 The start line - Corral C

 Looking Back from Corral C

 Time to make this REAL!


 Running through Sleeping Beauty's Castle is the BEST!

 I am so sorry Tink... your line is just toooooooo long!

 The line for "Brother" the Disneyland Horse was much shorter... 
he's one of my faves anyway!

 After our spectacular Finish!  
This is my friend Merritt - Love her Rosetta costume!


So... the Tinker Bell Half Marathon... another one is in the books.  So much fun and an experience that is really hard to explain unless you do it for yourself!  You are in luck for 2016... at least at this point because there is still room to register and experience it for yourself!  Check out runDisney's website and read all about it!  ...Or pick one of runDisney's other events that they offer throughout the year - you will not be disappointed... Disney delivers!  Whether you are already a runner/active person or not... setting goals is key to maintaining - so if you love Disney and want a supercalifragilous way to stay motivated... you have found it!  

I am so looking forward to going back in 2016... (Yes - I am registered!) BUT this time I am taking my daughter with me!  She will turn 10 in April and will be old enough to participate in the 10K!  Of course we registered for everything we could... because when you go all that way - you might as well run them ALL!!!  So... Makenna will do the 5K and the 10K!  I will be participating in the 5K and the Pixie Dust Challenge (which consists of the 10K and the Half Marathon!)

Leave me a comment below!  I LOVE to hear other people's stories and hear about other events!

Have you done one of the runDisney races?  Which one is your favorite?

What kind of fitness events or goals help to keep you motivated?

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  1. Congratulations on your Pixiedust challenge. We were there this year as well for that and it was a great wkend!


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