Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tinker Bell 10K - May 9th, 2015

As a part of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend - I ran the Tinker Bell 10K on May 9th along with about 10,000 other people!  The 10K distance (6.2 miles) is definitely my favorite - especially at Disneyland!  I ran this Inaugural Race last year and this year as a part of the Pixie Dust Challenge !  (WARNING - This entry is SUPER photo heavy... I took A LOT of photos during the 10K)

Post Race with the bling!

The 10K corrals were located on Disneyland Drive so we made our way there from our hotel (a VERY short walk from our off property hotel the Best Western Stovalls) in the wee hours of Saturday morning!  The race was set to begin at 5:30am - so to be forward in my corral I wanted to be in my corral slightly before 5:00am.  To quote my niece... "Don't complain you didn't have enough room or you couldn't see... Just be FIRST and then there won't be issues!"

 Looking forward toward the start line - Corral C

Looking Back - Corral C

As I waited for GO time... 

The 10K course is just plain AWESOME!  Most of this race takes place in and around the 2 Disney Parks... running is almost effortless when you are having so much fun!  Seriously!

10K Course Map courtesy of runDisney

I took a bazillion photos during this race... because - why not?  

 Heading down Harbor Blvd

 Access tunnel by California Adventure 
(I love that they added lights and music inside the tunnel this year!)

 Where or when else would I get to sit in the driver's seat of the Disneyland Fire Truck???

If you check the course map miles 2 - 4 were entirely in Disneyland Park or it's backstage areas... running through these backstage areas is so fun and interesting to me (I am a super Disney geek - I know).

 Big Thunder Mountain

 I secretly want to live HERE!
 A moment of sadness for how blurry this photo is... 

 Right this way folks...

 Ladies and Gentlemen... the BACKSIDE of the castle...

 How did they know... It was my unbirthday that day!

 It's a Small World

 Headed to Toon Town!

 More Backstage...

 Disney Plants!

One random Tinker fairy...

All of these buildings... they are making magic in there!

 It wasn't Mother's Day until the next day - but I will take it!  
Cast Members who cheer are AWESOME!

 California Adventure!

I didn't happen to take pictures of each of them but runDisney had the Fairy Photo Ops out in force!  All along the route you had your choice of MANY photo ops with the Disney Fairies!  That was great to see!

This looks out of order but it really isn't... we came through Carsland from the back and only ran by this sign first... if you know the area you get it...

There is Pixie Dust all over the ground here...

 CARSLAND is so awesome!

 Backstage near the Performing Arts area!

.2 Miles to go!!!

What the Finish Line looked like for 2015!

At the finish with my hard earned medal!  Loved this course and everything about this race... I will say that one thing I missed from 2014 was that it was so light out at the start of the race.  When this weekend was in January (the previous 3 years) it is MUCH darker out at the start of the race and the lights on inside the theme parks are so awesome!  So... I missed that this time.

Love this race - definitely my favorite of all the races!  The Half Marathon is fun too but of course more challenging to actually finish (wink wink)!

Now... get to bed early for the BIGGIE!  The Tinker Bell Half Marathon is coming up!

What is your favorite distance to run?

What kinds of things would you be excited to see being given access to the backstage areas of a Disney Park?


  1. I must appreciate the way you have express your feelings through your blog!
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  2. I found your write up from a Google search. Thanks for the pictures, they're great! I caved last month and signed up for the Tink 10k, which will be my first race at Disneyland.


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