Monday, June 1, 2015

2nd Star to the Right... Neverland 5K

As a part of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland I participated in the Neverland 5K on Friday - May 8th!  (I had done this 5K once before - in 2013 with my husband... I regretted not signing up in 2014 and did not make the same mistake for 2015!)  I wasn't missing this one!

My friend Merritt and I were running all 3 races that were happening that weekend at Disneyland!  We were up EARLY that morning to get to Disneyland Park Early!  This 5K queues INSIDE the park - Your Bib is your entry inside!  We arrived about 4:15am (yes I said 4:15am) to enter and get placed in our race corral.  This race is the ONLY runDisney 5K that begins INSIDE of a Disney Park.  Nothing like standing in the HUB with 6,000 other people at 4:30am in the morning!  So much fun!

 Looking behind us and down Main Street

In front of us and looking towards Sleeping Beauty's Castle (waiting for Tink to fly to signal the start)

 Can you find Tinker Bell in these pictures?
So much Fun!  Then we were off!!!  The weather was threatening rain but stayed dry through the waiting for the start and beginning of the race.  We were in the first group to begin and stayed dry until the last mile of the race... then the skies opened and we got wet... but we will get to that...

The race started to the right of the castle!  Winding it's way through the Park and Backstage areas!  Here is a map of the course courtesy of runDisney.  (This is the BEST 5K EVER... where else can you do this???)

Pictures tell the story best...

 They had these fun shadows cast on buildings 
throughout the entire race... so much fun!


 Mile 1!!!

Mile 2!!! 

 Hollywoodland in California Adventure!!!



 We were very wet at this point!

We had so much fun despite the rain!  This race is super family friendly and a great intro to doing a race at a Disney Park.  It was a little unfortunate that it rained a bit towards the end but seriously can you do a 5K at any other fun place?  I think not!  Rain or no rain - sign me up!  The warm shower felt awesome back at the hotel but we had a blast!  

Part of running races at Disneyland for me are the over the top awesome medals! The 5K included... Look at this cute medal!  Love!

Now... on to the 10K!!!

Have you done any 5Ks at a Disney Park???

Run in the rain - Yes - No???

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