Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Race Recap... Half Number 11

Wow - Half Marathon #11 is done. 

On Sunday (September 28) I participated in the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon in Bellingham, Washington for the 2nd year in a row. 

Bellingham is a beautiful city located about 50 miles to the north of where I live.  Bellingham is about 90 miles north of Seattle.    This was the 2nd time I have done the Bellingham Bay Half.  The weather was perfect... overcast a bit and in the upper 50s at race time.  The Half began at 9:30am which is a bit late for a Half Marathon to begin.  The reason for this is the Race includes a Full Marathon and a 5K... both of which began at 7:30am.  I think the reason they start the Half later in the morning is to ensure that they are maximizing volunteers.  Also making sure that finishers of the Half and Full are finishing within similar times.

The Half route was almost exactly the same to what I remember doing last year... this time though the weather was perfect and I had some beautiful views as I made my way.  Of course I neglected to take any photos of the course... dah.  

Photo Credit - Bellingham Bay Marathon official page
Photo Credit - Bellingham Bay Marathon official page
I remember at one point coming around the corner off of the short trail portion and almost stopping because the view was so beautiful... the water... the boats... the weather was perfect! 
The unsung secret of this beautiful course is the cursed hills at the end... the last couple of miles (except the stretch to the finish) is all hill... Yuck... not my favorite!  I pretty much walked a bunch of that... no shame in walking except when you get passed by folks completing the FULL marathon and they are running... up the hill.  Yep... that was me shouting encouragement to them... "You go Blue Bibber!" (the full marathon participants were wearing blue race bibs)
Getting to the finish was a great feeling and believe it or not I got the EXACT same time to the minute that I did at this race last year.  How does that happen?  One of my strengths must be CONSISTENT!  Yep... that is me!

At the FINISH!  My friends... Craig and Ann Timmer - they are faster than me... They are Lightening fast compared top me!  Good job guys!

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