Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Biggest Loser Half Marathon - Everett, Washington

Well... on October 12th I participated in the Biggest Loser Half Marathon just south of my home in Everett, Washington.  I did this race in 2013 too but it began in Seattle... I asked around at the race and found out that some of the reasons they moved it north to Everett this year was... 1. construction at Gas Works Parks in Seattle, 2. complaints from neighborhoods of noise in Seattle... hmm - whatever the reason (s) I liked that it was closer for me.  The route... I would put it in the category of "hilly"... I have been known to pick races because of the "flatness" - I do not have any love for the hills.  That aside... I did okay. 

The other thing I should mention is that way back in the summer I signed up for this one... I realized that I had signed up for 3 Half Marathons in 6 weeks.  Yep... that is run one... skip a weekend... run another one... skip a weekend... then run the last one.  What am I ... nuts?  Yep - pretty much.  This race was #2 of that threesome and #12 in my total Half Marathons to date.   The first installment was the Bellingham Bay Half that was on September 28th.  The one coming up is the Snohomish River Run on October 26th.   I have never run the Snohomish Race before - but did do the sister race the Snohomish Women's Run (Half Marathon) last May - that was a good race - nice and flat.  Check back to see how I do...

The Biggest Loser Race Series is a really fun race.  Very well partnered with the TV reality show and a very inspiring atmosphere.  The Half Marathon course began at the Everett waterfront at the The Port of Everett.  Another Half I have done begins at the same spot... Heroes Half that I have done twice and wrote about here and here.  The routes were almost completely different though.

 My friends Carrie and Lynn at the start!

We showed up about 40 minutes prior to race time - used the restrooms and made our way to the very loud start area.  The race series also included a 5K which was set to begin 30 minutes after the Half Marathon.  So... the start area was quite congested prior to the race.  I wish there had been a better way to line up nearer to the desired pacers... if you didn't get there early you just had to line up behind the people that got there right before you did.  It all worked out though and once the race began everyone spread out.

Like I said before the course was in my opinion "hilly".  Despite that... I ended up with exactly the time I had in 2013 when I ran this race in Seattle... on a different course.  How did I do that AGAIN?!  On a different course too!  Crazy!  I was SOOO hoping to break 2 Hours and 30 minutes... but I will have to be happy with my 2 hours and 36 minutes. 

This was Half #12 for me... I can't believe it!  How did I get here... the girl who HATED running!  I really point to one thing that makes this whole idea even doable for me!  Jeff Galloway!  His run/walk/run method is the way this whole crazy thing sounded doable to me... I have stuck to it and it works!  Staying injury free and enjoying the journey.   Is it easy??? ... NO WAY!  There is LOTS of effort involved... lots of "do the training even when you don't feel like it" moments... But oh so worth it! 
Coming in to the FINISH!  Always the most awesome moment!

My younger 2 kids (Makenna and Luke) after they finished the kid's race!

The Half Marathon Medal!

I love this race series... next to Disney it is hands down my favorite local race atmosphere for the start and finish as well as so encouraging on the course.  I highly recommend this series to anyone who might be interested.  You won't be disappointed!  So much fun!


  1. I had been wanting to do this race series back when it first came out (2012 I believe). But the only race they were having in my area was the "off road" one and I didn't think I was up for that. Glad you had a great time. Cute kids!

  2. Fairytales - Thanks for the cute kids comment... I think they are too! I have looked at the pics of the "off road" version of their races too... not my "cup of tea" - Thanks for reading!


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