Monday, October 21, 2013

Biggest Loser Half Marathon - Part 2 - RACE DAY!

Race morning came early... luckily we stayed in Seattle on the eve of the race at the recommended hotel which was about 3 miles from Gas Works Park where the race was to begin.  My friend Carrie, my younger sister Heather and I and grabbed the free breakfast.  There were quite a few participants with the same plan that we had at the hotel.  It was fun to see all of the early risers and race shirts in the Hotel lobby.  We left soon after and arrived at Gas Works at about 7:15am.  The half was set to begin at 8:00am so we were all good!  The weather was cool but no precipitation was predicted... great racing weather!  My sister and I wore our matching Sparkle Athletic skirts and received so many compliments throughout the race!  We saw others sparkling up the course as well!  Check them out if you haven't worn the sparkle! 

My sister Heather, Me, and Carrie!
Dan from Season 5 of the Biggest Loser
I had arranged a Meet Up for any folks from the Team #runDisney Facebook page to gather about 7:30am so we made our way over there to see if anyone would surface. 
Myself, Carrie, Lonnie, and Melissa made it... we ran into a few 
others later... during and after the race.
Kaylee - Taken - Post Race

Soon it was time to head to the Start line... this was Carrie's first Half so she set herself with like pace folks towards the back... Heather and I pushed (not literally) forward to be at about the 11:00 min pace signs... a good guess for us.  Soon the National Anthem was sung (by Dan) and off we went!  I carried my camera and got shots along the way.  This route was very similar to the See Jane Run Half I had run last July.  Starting in exactly the same spot and with the route going around Lake Union.  The slight variation was at about Mile 10ish with the route taking a turn more south for an out and back instead of north like it had in See Jane Run.  I much preferred this route even though the out and back is not my favorite... the running trail was much wider and allowed room for coming and going as well as just the recreational runners and bikers that were out in the middle of it all.  

The course was really beautiful and full of Fall color... we had some fun... I usually do not run with anyone training or otherwise... so it was different but fun to participate with my sister staying with me.  I run using intervals and this was something my sister does not do.  She was a trooper and stayed with me.  Actually pushing me a bit towards the end of the race to "obey my timer"and not walk as much as I normally would have had I been on my own!   I actually got a PR for this Half by 6 minutes!  That is huge and I attribute it to my sister and her keeping me going that last 3 miles.  We had a great time with the photographers!  All photos for this race were free - which was amazing!  Here are a few that the Race photographers captured of us!

We had a lot of fun!  
Here we are crossing the finish line!
Wahoo... the Medals and accomplishment!

After the race we picked up some of the free food being offered... lots of bananas, cinnamon rolls, oranges... and more.   We had some fun while we waited for my kids to arrive to run the Kid's Mile fun run... my husband was bringing them down from where we live... the kid's race didn't begin until 12pm.  They had a blast running it and got some pretty sweet bling for thier accomplishments!
 Carrie's boys and my 3 ready to run!

Racing with the Biggest Loser Race Series was great fun!  Love to do it again!  Very well organized and well supported all along the route!   My friend Carrie finished her FIRST Half that day!  So proud of her!  

 Very inspiring to see so many attempting races for the first time and challenging themselves!    I recommend this Race series to anyone looking to sign up in other cities!  Have fun and do it!

I also got to meet Jennifer Rumple who was on Season 12 of the Biggest Loser.  She was giving high fives at the finish for awhile.  So nice and really interested in meeting inspiring folks!
I realized I am really white and she has the most striking blue eyes!  Time for tanning!

I should add that this was my 5th Half since last January!  Pretty good for never running in a race before September of 2012!  On to Number 6!

If you haven't been a runner (or walker) all of your life... but came to it later... what inspired you to jump in?

When you got your last PR at a race what do you attribute it to?  

Coming soon... 
My 7 year old Daughter is going to guest post a recap on the Biggest Loser Kid Race!    Stay Tuned...!!!

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  1. Congrats on your race and HUGE PR. That is amazing Kim. I guess your sister needs to race with you more often. My big sis helped me to a PR yesterday too, during the early stages of my half marathon. Loved your recap and photos!


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