Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Half Marathon Number FIVE!!!

Yup... this weekend... Sunday the 13th to be exact I will be participating in my 5th Half Marathon since January of 2013!  I think I picked a good one... the Biggest Loser Half in Seattle.   

It looks like a TON of fun and that is no pun intended!  I am a big fan of the TV series so this was a no brainer for me to sign up for! 

I am so excited to have my younger sister Heather run with me this time! 

 This is a picture of us in October 2012 at my first 10K.

We have no goals for time but to finish strong together.  We haven't trained together at all (because we don't live near each other) and she is not a user of my run/walk/run Galloway method but she is game to take it on and stay with me!  I got her a matching Sparkle Athletic skirt so we could #teamsparkle up the course together.  She has never worn the sparkle before so we will see how she does.  I chose the gun metal skirt and she had the nerve to call it a "disco ball" skirt on the phone the other night.  First of all... don't look a gift horse in the mouth and I just told her it will be so fun to hear all of the compliments we will get!  AND we will... Can't wait for that!

 This is a picture of me last Spring wearing the Gun Metal Sparkle Athletic skirt at the Tulip Run up in Skagit County!  Looking awesome!

My friend Carrie is training for the runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon is headed down with me on Saturday to check out the EXPO and we have reservations to stay closer to the action in a hotel that night so we can maximize our time in the morning and get to Gas Works Park where the races are starting in morning.  This will be Carrie's trial run for Tink as she has never run/walked this distance before!  The Biggest Loser race seemed like a great choice to try it out though... they have ample time for the course to remain open and welcome folks that are completely walking the entire route too so she should be just fine!

The weather looks to be promising and perfect although I am a little afraid to actually write it here... the forecast says upper 50s with a 10% chance of any precipitation!  Perfect!

Check back for a recap next week!  I will be the proud owner of one of these babies!

Do you have a favorite medal you have earned at a race?  

What milestones have you reached in your fitness goals?  I love to hear inspiring stories!


  1. Good luck! And the gunmetal is awesome- you all will look great!!

  2. Good luck! I didn't even hear about this race until recently. Looks like a really fun one :)

  3. Have a great race! I ran a half marathon with my brother last year and we had the same goal, it was a lot of fun! Love the sparkle skirt :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  4. Ahh, So glad you get to do this! I REALLY wanted to do one of the Biggest Loser runs, but the one that came the closest to my area was an off road trail run and from what I hear it wasn't really a run ( and from the pictures I've seen of my friends, it looked more like one of those mud runs) Not my cup of tea, so I opted out. Sure wish I could have participated in a Biggest Loser Road race like you all are doing! Good luck and have fun!


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