Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Holidays... and more craziness...

  Goodness... time flies.  I feel TERRIBLE that I haven't had a blog entry in... well... it is embarrassing how long!  So here I am wishing you and yours a very Merry Holiday!  Since my last entry I have run a few races...  

 Fowl Fun Run 10K in Mt Vernon, WA

  Green Lake Gobble 10K in Seattle, WA (MY BIRTHDAY!)

  Two more 10Ks to add to the total for the year!  December is turning into a terribly busy month with the family, events, performances, and the holiday celebrations!  I was going to try and fit in a 5K or two but times conflicted and it just isn't going to happen.   Training continues like crazy though because as of today the Tinkerbell Races are fast approaching!  runDisney is something I wish I could do so much more of... but once or twice is better then nothing!  30 days from TODAY it is DISNEY time!!!  I will be participating in the 10K and the Half Marathon on back to back days!  A challenge - YES... but I can't wait for it!

  Since the end of the calendar year is coming I have been looking back at my training... I have had 7 months in a row where I have logged over 100 miles per month!  That is insane!   I have logged over 1100 miles so far this year!  That is also insane!  I had never really run a step before September of 2012... if I can do this... anyone can do this!  Who knows what 2014 will hold... I am planning to scale a little back on races but not my training... I love and it and have really grown to LOVE it. (most of the time)

  I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday (all two of you that read my blog)!  I will close with a few holiday pictures from fetching our tree.  My family is so important to me... 


What do you look forward to most during the busy holiday season?

Do you have some fitness goals for 2014?  Let me hear them!


  1. Love the tree fetching photos!

    1. I love you Cami! Thanks for reading and loving our pictures ;)!


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