Friday, August 23, 2013

Columbia Winery 5K and 10K for Seattle Children's Hospital

Bright and early on Saturday August 17th my friend Carrie and I headed down to Woodinville, WA to participate in a benefit run for Children's Hospital which was being held and hosted by the Columbia Winery.  Formally known as the the "Covey Run" this 10K / 5K event is now known as the Columbia Winery Run and Walk.  Click HERE to see their HOME page.

The weather promised perfection for running (cooler and overcast) on this August morning in the Northwest.  I was participating in the 10K and Carrie was ready for the 5K option.  We had taken one small wrong turn on the way and ended up arriving about 15 minutes prior to the 10K start. We opted for the race day pick up of our bibs and bags... we cut it rather close to the 10K start time and I was ready to pay $10 for someone's place in the potty line... but we made it.

 I didn't carry my camera on the run but I thought to myself a few times why anyone who lived in the area would be crazy not to use the beautiful trail that we followed for the 10K course.  HERE is the link to the 10K course.  The first mile and a half to the 5K turnaround was along Hwy 202 and basically followed an industrial park.  As I ran past the 5K turnaround sign I though how sad for the 5K participants to only have the industrial park as their scenery.  Sad.  On the flip side... here are some photos of the Sammamish River Trail compliments of Google Images.  Most of the 10K course followed along this beautiful trail.

The course was flat and I would like to say fast... maybe for some but I kept with my run/walk/run ratios and finished with a pretty predictable time that I have for my 10Ks.

Following the finish the race organizers held the kid's dash and drawings for many goodies that were donated by businesses and individuals.  I was drawn for a cute jar of hair ties that I knew my 6 year old daughter would be just giddy for!  We also noticed that every child that was there received a full size Disney stuffed animal... WOW!

We had a really fun time at this race.  Worth the extra drive time for sure!

 Participating in the race also included a discount inside the Winery if you desired. 

Coming up next Saturday... Run - A - Muk 10K in Mukilteo, WA!!!  (Carrie's 1st 10K)

Do you have a favorite place to run with beautiful scenery? 

Have you participated in a run at a unique place before?  Where was it?


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