Monday, August 26, 2013

Arrrr.... Run for yer lives Mateys! Run A Muk 10K August 24th 2013

DISNEY... not a big shock that I love all things Disney!  

Especially Disneyland!  If you were to ask me what one of my favorite attractions there... it would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean!  So... when I heard about this fun "pirate themed" race not too far from home... I was totally in!  The Run A Muk race takes place in Mukliteo, WA and is a part of the annual Lighthouse Festival.  

I regularly wear a sparkle skirt from Sparkle Athletic (newly renamed - used to be Team Sparkle) to my races but I have not braved a full costume at any races.  This race was different... pirates!   A white cotton t-shirt was provided with the race fee but for $10 additional I chose to upgrade to the tech shirt! It was a perfect choice... then I dug through my kids' costume boxes and came up with something simple that I thought would be fun and not "get in my way" of concentrating on just doing my best at the race.  I didn't end up running with the sword.  The hat did stay on the entire race... it was awesome!

My friend Carrie was running her FIRST 10K at this one as a part of her training for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland this January!  

We arrived fairly early at the beautiful waterfront area in Mukilteo (Muck - ill - tee - o) - it was about a 40 minute drive from up north where we live.  I had picked up our bibs the day before so we didn't need to check in.  The weather was overcast and cool.  After we arrived the Northwest "misters" began and the fine rain started to come down.  We had good company hovering under the eaves of the Community Center near where the start line was.

The race began at 8am and before we knew it we were lining up and ready to go!  The course itself was a bit more hilly than I prefer but overall it was a good course that was superbly supported by volunteers.  I think I counted 4 water stops and that is amazing for a 10K!  I was somewhat familiar with this area... about 10 years ago I participated in the Susan G Komen 3 Day 60 mile walk and many of the training walks I had participated in were in this area.

The weather stayed cool but the rain didn't stick around so that was a good thing.  I was able to finish in my standard 10K time frame that I felt good about considering the hilly course.  As soon as I crossed the finish line I turned in my timing chip and started to retrace the route and find Carrie!  I am so proud of her accomplishment and her positive attitude no matter what it took to cross that line!  She did it!

There were the awards following the finish for the more "elite" participants... after they were done I wanted to grab the microphone and announce my friend's finish of her FIRST 10K! She did awesome!

So proud of her! 

This is definitely a race I would do again!  Thanks Run A Muk!

Do you like to race in costume?  

Full on costume or just alter your regular running attire?

If you like to "dress up" for races... what has been your favorite costume so far?

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