Saturday, April 27, 2013

My first "Non - Disney" Half Marathon... Yikes!

So ... it is 9:07pm and I am writing a blog post about how nervous I am and freaked out about the Half Marathon I am running in the morning.  Yep... it is my first REAL Half Marathon in the "real" world.  'Cause Disney doesn't really count does it?

I finished the Tinkerbell Half Marathon last January at Disneyland (which was totally awesome and amazing) ... but are Disney miles REAL miles?  Or do you just float on pixie dust most of the way?   Will I be able to finish smiling without my castle, the characters, the costumes? (I am wearing some teamsparkle tomorrow just for me and for the compliments!)  runDisney puts on amazing races... I have only participated personally in one weekend of awesomeness... but I read a heck of a lot of blogs about others who have an addiction to runDisney... all of the events from Coast to Coast sound amazing!

I picked up my race bib and tech shirt today and in the craziness of having my 3 kids in tow I totally forgot to take any photos at Packet Pick up.   I am participating in the Heroes Half just south of where I live in Everett, WA.  There is a slight chance of rain... seriously?  Please precip!

I am probably hardest on myself... the doubts and the negative talk to myself... I can do this ... right?    Of course!  I will still be nervous at the start... heck - I am even nervous that I won't be able to find the parking lot for participants.  I keep hearing in my head... "you don't belong here..."  "Go Home"... "You are in your 40s and have 3 little kids... you can't run here"... "this is for the girls with skinny legs that can run under an eight minute mile... not you"...  Why do I torment myself and do this - say all these crazy things to myself and then when I finally get there and stand at that start line... I will be okay... even if I cross that line last.   I will cross that line!

I have a little teensy time goal for myself tomorrow.  I am not going to say here what it is (yet)... It isn't a humungous difference from what my time was at Tinkerbell in January...  If I don't get it tomorrow that will be okay.  I am sure going to try though.  Pace myself... run my own race... don't get overwhelmed... walk when I want to... and just have fun!  I do run/walk/run intrevals... this particular race tomorrow welcomes walkers as well... BUT the walkers are starting 30 minutes prior to the runners.  So... this confused me... when do I start?  With the walkers or the runners?  So... about a week ago I e-mailed the race director and asked.  They responded with... 4 words... START WITH THE RUNNERS.  Okay then.  I might be last.

This post seems a little random... I blame pre 2nd Half Marathon jitters.  I am going to go and rearrange my things for the morning now... then try to sleep.  I will let you all know how it goes soon!  Thanks.


  1. sending hugs and pixie dust your way!



  2. Hope you had fun on your first "non-disney" half!


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