Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ran a 5K with my Daughter on her 7th Birthday!

I recently participated in a 5K about an hour north of where we live.  The race was a benefit for the "scholarship fund" for a summer camp I used to work at prior to marriage and children.   The Firs is located in Bellingham, WA... one of the prettiest spots in the Pacific Northwest!   Love that place!   I love the camping industry... worked in it for 13 years!  The 5K had a Super Hero theme... the Super Hero 5K !  Loads of fun!  Lots of costumes!  it almost felt like a Disney race because if you didn't have at least a little bit of a costume you felt a little dumb!

It was my daughter's 7th birthday - she ran the entire race with me ... dare I say faster than me... well I was pushing my almost 5 year old in the stroller.  That is a long hard way with a kid that weighs probably 40ish pounds!

The race was really well organized and after a quick race day bib pick up - we were off.  The course was a combination of a little road running and then onto the running trails of Whatcom Falls Park.  It was wet and a little muddy but other than that - no complaints.  My running app came up a little short on mileage at the end (for a 5K).  None the less I was excited to see that finish line and get out of the snow and rain.  The race supplied LOTS of snacks and prizes for top finishers.  They had small things the kids could get like Batman rings and even some capes for sale. (We made our own and proudly wore them!)  After the awards were handed out the entire crowd sang Happy Birthday to my Makenna!  We had so much fun!

It was freezing that morning and actually snowed while we were running!  

I didn't take too many photos because of the weather but all in all a great fun run!  We had a blast! 
Next up - April 28th!  The Heroes Half in Everett, WA! 

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