Friday, September 2, 2011

Wow... school began yesterday. I now have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener! How did I become the mom that has "big kids"? I am very involved with a local MOPS group and have been a member since my oldest was about 6 months old. We had a "Back to MOPS" Picnic the other day to get our new Fall program going... I saw the looks on some of the moms faces as some of us "other moms" unloaded our big school age boys. They quietly moved in closer to their much smaller 2 year olds and protected them like a mother hen. I remember feeling this way. Looking at those GIANT school agers and thinking they were secretly plotting to attack my 2 year old BABY! Now I am that mom... I have one of those school age monsters riding around in the back of my mini van. If you look really closely he still has that cute baby face... and he just told me last night that he will never love anyone more than me. I am going to hold onto that for awhile.

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