Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Can my Girl be 5 already?

I can still remember going to the ultrasound and the tech saying to us... "Wanna know what it is?"... of course I said... YES! She looked and she looked again and said to us... "Looks like a girl to me ... yep a girl those are girl parts." I was in total shock! When Makenna was born I still stared at her little pink SCREAMING body and thought "OH MY GOODNESS... we have a girl!" I never ever thought I would have a girl... always pictured myself with boys. I am so thankful that God picked this girl to be ours for now. She is a blessing beyond measure... a constant joy and love! Happy Birthday Makenna... did you know your name means precious gift? Well ... you are! love you sweet girl!


  1. Where HAS the time gone? They grow up so quick! Happy Birthday, Makenna, may it be an amazing one!

  2. God tends to give us the most wonderful gifts. We've both been blessed with good gifts, Kim!


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