Friday, April 16, 2010

Simple things...

I love it when I can get my kids entertained with something simple. Away from videos and having TO BE entertained. Today... in our wonderful backyard (that I am thankful for everyday) I brought out the Wal Mart bubble wands. We saw these last weekend at a friend's wedding and made a mental note to get some soon! I saw them at Walmart and did you know that the Big one Wyatt has was only $2? I did splurge a little on Makenna's... I got her the Disney Princess one that was slightly more (it was her birthday this past week after all and i am a sucker for anything Disney)... but they have the basic ones for $1 and $2. you can't beat that. Now... I would recommend buying a big jug for quick refills. The wands don't work really well unless they are full. What fun... For over an hour they were running and chasing and stomping and squealing. No fights nothing! Pure Bliss. The last photo is of Luke napping (he missed out on the bubbles for now)... he LOVES the Goodnight Moon book... so much so that we had to buy another copy to keep in the diaper bag. He carries it and as you can see here ...sleeps with it. He loves it and so do I. Ahhh... the simple things.

1 comment:

  1. I do know how cheap those bubble wands are. My kids have them. They love them!! Good clean fun. Even G. loves them.


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