Monday, April 12, 2010

Growing up...

My husband and I had a conversation tonight while the kids were still up... a short one but it did happen. We were talking about our nephew and how he will be in college in a year... and the decisions he is thinking about now that will affect him ... well for the rest of his life. Later I started thinking about my kids... we have had a lot of firsts this past year. A 1st Birthday (last June of my youngest), KINDERGARTEN, an organized sport (T-ball), saying goodbye to our dog (almost 12) because of lymphoma, and so much more.

Life... it just happens... it happens if you sit on the bench and watch it and it happens if you jump right into the deep end and try and keep up. I personally am much more the "jump into the deep end" kind of person instead of sitting on the bench. Sometimes sitting on the bench would be good for me. As I have aged I have chosen the bench more times then I did when I was younger... some of my friends are glad I am learning. Anyway - I know that my children are growing and changing everyday and soon they will be the ones choosing colleges, and "friends", and making those big LIFE decisions. I hope between now and then we can hold thier hands and help yto guide them to be able to make those decisions wisely. I always want to be that safe, soft place for them but to be a challenge to them as well. Grace and Prayer and bit of mercy mixed in should do it... I'll take the challenge day by day... now step back while I get ready for a cannonball into the deep end... here we go!

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