Saturday, March 20, 2010

My first baby is 6!

I can't believe my Wyatt is 6. His birthday was last Thursday! How in the world did that happen. It seems just yesterday I was laying there in the hospital (post an emergency c-section) holding my darling olive skin toned baby and completely head over heels for him. I am still head over heels for him but he isn't that baby anymore. I see this growing boy in front of me and I wonder the kind of man he'll be... the things he'll do... the people he will influence. For now though... he is 6... and in Kindergarten. He is just starting T-ball and after one practice I am thinking about his career with the Mariners already! He really is quite good! Anyway - my thoughts are of that baby that came to us in 2004 and how much he has changed in 6 short years... Wyatt means "Little Warrior". he really doesn't live up to the "LITTLE" part at all but Warrior... hmmm. Happy Birthday Wyatt!

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  1. It is so great to spend time thinking and praying about the people our little ones are growing into. I marvel at the things they do today that give us pretty big clues we see every day about their future. Wyatt has so much ahead. He has such a great mix of gifts!


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