Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why am I nervous? 4th Half this weekend!

So... I am running my 4th Half Marathon this Sunday... and I am a little nervous.  Here are my first 3...

#1 - Tinkerbell Half at Disneyland - January 20, 2013
#2 - Heroes Half - Everett, WA - April 28, 2013
#3 - See Jane Run Half  - Seattle, WA - July 14th, 2013

Asking myself lots of questions all day long... 

Will the course be hilly?  What if I pass out? (I never have but you never know)  What if I trip and hurt myself?  What if it rains?  What if it is too hot?  Will the course be hilly?  What if my shoes bother me?  What if I get a cramp?  What if they run out of water?  What if I am last?  and on and on and on....

Geez.  Can I just stop already?  

The Half I am running is just north of where I live in the beautiful city of Bellingham, WA.  I have run a few races there but never this one.  There is a Marathon and a 5K happening as well.  I am sure because of course demands they are staggering the starts.  The 5K and the Marathon start at 7:30am and then the Half does not begin until 9:30am... oh my this is bothering me too.  I wish I was starting earlier.  I just want to dive in and get it done... I am sure it will all be fine... but I like to stew on all of this.  

Then I log into Facebook today and there is an article posted from Runner's World magazine all about race jitters and how to cope... you can see it HERE.

I am suppose to be tapering my mileage and how do I deal with the stress of the half this weekend?  I run 8 miles today.  ;P

How do you deal with pre race jitters?   Do you worry about silly things regarding races? 


  1. I get nervous before every race. I think it is just natural!

  2. I only experienceI pre-horse show jitters about a minute before entering the arena. I handle it by tricking myself psychologically, imagining that I am riding in to an Olympic dressage court and I DESERVE to be there because we are AWESOME and I am about to have the most incredible ride to ever be witnessed in history!! :-P
    Otherwise I have learned to not entertain any doubtful self-dialogues and just enjoy the event and the love of what I'm doing.
    So amazed at your accomplishments Mick. Wish I could run with you. :-)

  3. You'll do great! You've done it all before and your body remembers...just keeping reminding yourself of that! This is what my running partner tells me every time I get nervous :) You should also do the Last Chance Half.Marathon on Dec. 31st up in Bellingham!


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