Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New races on the calendar

After completing the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and coming home... the clouds set in for a week or so and I wondered to myself?  What do I do now?  I am a newbie to running and had this Half Marathon goal for a better part of almost 2 years.  Well - now I had done it... where next?

My running friends said... "Set a new goal!"  So I am looking forward it is helping... I have registered for three 5Ks and have plans of another Half in September.  I also have loose plans to return to Anahaim and run the Tinkerbell Half 2014! (The plans are pretty firm actually ... just have to register this summer when it opens for that)! 

The first race I registered for is as a virtual runner... this means you register and run the mileage on your own... it is for a great cause...  It is the Sandy Hook Run for the Families.  This race benefits the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy that happened last December 14, 2012 in Connecticutt.

I am excited about the 5K this July at SAFECO Field!  The finish line is the third base line on the field!  Exciting!

Another fun one I am planning on signing the whole family up for is the Super Hero 5K on April 13th!  Looks like lots of fun!


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  1. These all look great, Kim. I think the virtual run is awesome. Great way for anyone to start and not feel too intimidated.


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