Thursday, September 6, 2012

Greetings - it is late and I should be going to sleep... I am rising early for a short run (4 or so miles) in the morning and then returning early enough to allow my husband time enough to go fishing.  It must be love.    I am participating in an event ... a racing event... this Saturday.  My first! I have done a few 5Ks in my life but never have I ran.  The RACE is Saturday morning and I am little nervous.  9.3 miles.  My family can't make it because my oldest has a soccer jamboree... I am a little sad but I will survive.  I got my little GYMBOSS interval timer... it sounds and vibrates at 2 different intervals and helps me SO MUCH to be more consistent on my walk breaks.  I will check back with results and how I did!  I am just hoping for good weather and a good finish.  I am going to act like I have done this before... I wonder how many people will see right through me?   Maybe no one will care... probably... now off to sleep.  I got some new running capris and a dri shirt to wear.

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