Monday, August 9, 2010

Laundry - I used to love it. Still do.

I love doing laundry! There is nothing like the smell of warm clothes and towels right out of the dryer ... oh and the EMPTY laundry basket. I have never had a "Laundry Day"... I just do it when I have a moment and usually it works out to a couple of loads every other day... sometimes more if I do towels and bedding. Maybe the reason I love doing laundry is the feeling of accomplishment when it is done... the orderly piles... delivering them throughout the house and seeing the filled shelves and drawers. It is the perfect thing for my insides when I feel like I haven't accomplished much in a day. I can always say... "I did a load of laundry!" When my 2nd child was born I recieved a wonderful gift as my "c section gift"... a BIG front loading washing machine. Wow!!!
Many times I have thought of the "old days" where the mom had to lean over a wash board in the stream... thank you God for washing machines and dryers... soap and dryer sheets... makes our jobs as moms much easier! The other reason I know I love doing the laundry... it is a way I can get that "Type A" personality a little pat on the back. Well done!


  1. That's so funny. My husband and I were just talking tonight about how *someday* I want to have a fabulous washer and dryer. You know, a really cool one with all the bells and whistles. Getting all the laundry done is a great feeling!

  2. I can relate. There is nothing like empty laundry baskets. Yet I am amazed that in the time I am doing laundry there is ALWAYS something that gets dirty!!! The other thing I love is perfectly folded and stacked bath towels, but they have to be all the same color. Silly.


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