Friday, January 15, 2016

Coming up... Half Marathon # 20 The Rain Run

Yes... that is correct... Half Marathon # 20!!!  How in the world did I get here?   It really seems unreal but then real all at the same time!   

Yep... I signed up for my 20th Half Marathon!  I am participating in The Rain Run in Redmond, WA on January 23rd, 2015.   I participated in this race in 2015 and had a terrific time.   When I started to think about my 2016 race schedule The Rain Run was definitely one that came to mind as one I wanted to repeat.  The course is fairly flat... scenic... and has a really awesome medal!  That is what drew me in the first time and participating a 2nd time is a no brainer!  I am not a fast runner... in fact I walk a lot... I do what is called intervals... run... then walk... then run again. I use what is called an interval timer.   Looks like a little pager... it beeps to tell me to walk or run and I can program it to what ever intervals I want.   

The official website of The Rain Run lists these benefits to participating... I wholeheartedly agree!  (especially about the bragging rights and the finish line food!)

- Chip Timed Half Marathon
- A huge and shiny finisher's medal!
- Rain Run Umbrella
- Finish line food - which include cupcakes with SPRINKLES!
- Random prize giveaways from race sponsors
- Bragging rights that you kicked butt in the rain!

The Rain Run (so perfectly named for the Pacific Northwest) is about an hour of driving time (one way) from my home... about as far as I like to go for a local race.  The race begins at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA very near Lake Sammamish.  The course begin at the Park and travels up the paved trail along the Sammamish River Trail between Redmond and Woodinville (just east of Seattle).  The out and back course is scenic and FLAT!  There will be aid stations at miles 3, 7, and 11.  The race is limited to 750 participants.

If you have read anything here before you might know that I haven't always been a "runner".  I used to laugh when people asked if I ran... and say "Me?  No Way!  The only place I run is to the shower when I am late!"  But in spite of that... one day in 2012 I just said... I want to do this!  I had seen a picture in a magazine ad for a Half Marathon at Disneyland.  I sat looking at the picture... thinking... "I want to do that!" but not knowing if I ever could or how I would ever get there.  The answer to... "How do you do that?"   It is making one big decision and then thousands of little decisions everyday after that.  You just keep making the decision to do it and then it happens.  I found some great advice and training tips through Jeff Galloway and set off on my training.  Then... Half Marathon #1 happened... in January of 2013 at DISNEYLAND... it was epic.  I never thought I would get there but I did!  Slowly... my mindset was changing!  It is possible and I can! 

Then I came home from that trip and I wondered... should I try again?  Maybe the miles at Disneyland weren't really real miles?  My husband encouraged me to sign up for another Half Marathon... one closer to home.  So I did.  I did that one...  I was so nervous at the start wondering If I could finish.  I did it and I didn't die. 

So I signed up for another one...

I finished that one too... and so on and so on... 

I have been back to Disneyland two more times to run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and am going back for my 4th time this coming May!

This last picture is me at the finish of The Rain Run Half Marathon in January of 2015.  I try and think of actual races as a victory lap of all of the hard training I put in.  My victory lap!  I will toe the line at The Rain Run Half Marathon next Saturday the 23rd of January... wish me luck on my 20th Half Marathon!   I am sure I won't die but I might get a little wet... but have a lot of fun doing it!  I never thought this would be me... but it is!  

How many races have you participated in?

What is a challenge you never thought you could do but then surprised yourself and did it?

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