Thursday, June 26, 2014

My 10th Half and other things...

This might be a race review and some reflection...

This past weekend I finished my 10th Half Marathon... that is super crazy considering I had never even finished any sort of race before the Fall of 2012.  But... I did do that... finished 10. 

This race took place down in Carnation, WA... slightly over a hour drive from where I live.  I didn't know anyone else participating so I made the drive alone.  The Half was set to begin at 9am (with a 10K starting at 9:30) and this was the Inaugural year for this race so I had no idea what to expect.  I knew that this race wasn't set to be huge... the Seattle Rock and Roll Race series was happening the same morning.  I picked this one because it seemed to be much more up my alley.  Smaller... more of a country setting... and lets face it the medal was just much better then the Rock and Roll one (in my opinion).  Lets compare...
First ... here is the Rock and Roll medal

Then this is the Snoqualmie Valley Half medal I earned...

All a matter of opinion but I like the one I got better.  I feel a bit sorry for the folks earning this years medal at the Rock and Roll.  Other years the medal has been much more attractive.  I will give it clever but not super cool.

Back to the race.  I wasn't sure what to expect on arrival so I gave myself lots of extra time.  I actually arrived at the parking area over a hour before race time.   The hike to the staging area was significant but doable.   Most of this course took place on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail beginning at King County's Tolt MacDonald Park.  I believe the cap for the Half was 300... and the race was full.  No folks were allowed day of Race registration.    There weren't any corrals or anything fancy... no pacers... they just announced the line up about 10 minutes prior and then had a countdown.  We were off. 

The course was advertised as Flat and Fast.  Yeah... right.  It seemed like it should be but as my friend with a Garmin noted afterwards the first 7 miles had a significant uphill grade.  I was sure feeling that by mile 12.  I enjoyed this course though having it not be on any kind of open roads and mostly neatly tucked away on a Park Trail.  The course was wide and open... mostly covered by trees.  I missed a PR by a few minutes... and I am blaming that on the "gradual incline of the first 7 miles".  It was fun though and definitely a course I would consider again!

My friend Penny and I at the finish.  I have been doing this running thing for a little while now and even though I went down alone... I always seem to run into someone I know now.

I wore my Pro Compression socks for this race... during the race.  I think I did notice a difference in how my legs felt.  Especially the 2nd half of the race.  I think I my have to add to my collection of these.  I had previously only used them for post race recovery.  I like how they made me feel less fatigued.   

Do you go to races alone?  Or prefer to make it a fun outing with friends?

Compression Socks during a race?  Yes or no?

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