Sunday, February 23, 2014

A BRAND NEW Nordic Track Treadmill! Yes please... BUT I NEED your vote!

Okay folks!  I do a lot of treadmill running in my training and fitness regime.  It has helped me lose a lot of weight (over 60 pounds) and reach goals I never thought possible! (6 Half Marathons in one year!)   

When I first started running over a year and a half ago training a lot on the treadmill worried me... I worried it wouldn't be good enough for me to train on a treadmill and then go and try to do road races.  Over time I have realized that it helps to get outside when I can but the treadmill is a very good and effective tool at this stage of life... I have 3 younger children... I have a commuting husband that is gone a lot during the week and I live in the Pacific Northwest (it can be a little rainy here from time to time).  My family uses my treadmill too... my husband is sporadic but is trying to be more faithful about workouts... my 7 year old daughter is training for a 5K we are doing together in April! 

My daughter and I at a local 5K we did together...  
The whole family at another local 5K... (I told you it rains here)

I am a huge fan of Another Mother Runner (the books, the blog, the BAMRunners themselves). BAMR stands for Bad Ass Mother Runner ... sorry if that is too graphic for some but I love it.  I actually got called Bad Ass recently when a friend was asking about my recent trip to Disneyland to run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and run the Inaugural 10K on back to back days.  Bad Ass... okay!

Recently AMR offered a creativity contest on their blog...  to enter and win a brand spankin' new Nordic Track Treadmill - a super nice one that I could never ever afford.  Here is a picture of her... isn't she beautiful?

For the contest you had to work a little okay maybe a lot... basically they asked you to customize your dream treadmill display to whatever you wanted... the sky is the limit...  then email in a photo of the display and they would choose a winner on February 22nd.  So I warmed up the creative juices... worked on an entry and sent it in! 

Yep... that was February 22nd.  Instead they posted on February 22nd that they couldn't decide a winner and were going to leave it up to the masses to decide.  Seriously... down to a popular vote...alrighty then...

Here is my creative Entry...

So on the Another Mother Runner Blog in no particular order are their "Top Ten" entries they picked of the ones that they received.  In no particular order they are listed HERE - and I say again they are in no particular order.  Mine is #10 - they titled mine the "EZ Button Treadmill".  Vote for #10 - did I say vote for #10?

I could go and take a quick photo of the sad example of a treadmill I have currently and go on and on about how much I (we) really need a new treadmill. (all of which is true) 

The voting for the contest is open until Friday - February 28th at 12pm - I am not sure if you can vote more then once... but you can bet I will go back tomorrow to check.

I will just get to the point!  Could you take a second and click over HERE and vote for #10?  I will order up some special pixie dust that will come down all over you for voting for #10!  



  1. Hi Kim. I'm one of the other finalists in the treadmill contest (currently in second, waaaaaaaaay behind the woman who is obviously going to end up the winner), and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I got caught up in the voting frenzy initially. I was so excited at the thought of winning a treadmill, and went crazy soliciting votes all over FB, and was even in first place for a while, but then it started getting to the point where every time I got a handful of votes, the other woman would get twice that amount, and I'd get all stressed and go back and pester my friends to vote again, and it all just started to feel so icky (for lack of a better word), so I decided to just stop asking. I'm a little bummed that the contest ended up like this, but I did like the original idea, and loved everyone's designs. Congrats on all your running accomplishments of the past year and a half, and hope you have many more happy miles : ) - Michelle San Antonio

  2. Michelle - I feel the same way...I don't think you need to apologize about the "voting frenzy"... after all when AMR changed the contest on us they wanted finalists to use social media to further the votes. You just did what they asked the finalists to do. (Me too) I was stressed out too and finally just realized it would be fun to just try and break 100. I was actually a lot bummed the contest ended up with voting... but I am not going to lose any sleep over it. Everyone's designs were very creative (and really different too) which was fun to see. I love yours with all of the photos of inspirational fellow Mother Runners... I had a similar concept on mine with a button that would show a slide show while I ran of inspirational people I have met along my journey. (Great minds think a like)... I actually took some of my paper cut out buttons and have stuck them right on my current treadmill to stay for now. Anything for inspiration when running... right? Anyway... thanks Michelle... congrats on 2nd Place... maybe you'll get a sticker or a shirt? Happy Running! Kim - North of Seattle


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