Monday, July 22, 2013

Play Ball! Run a 5K through a Baseball Stadium!

Last Saturday evening the 20th of July I got to do something not everyone gets to do!  Run a 5K through a major league baseball stadium!  SAFECO Field in Seattle was holding it's 2nd annual "Refuse to Abuse" 5K to benefit the Mariner's Care - Refuse to Abuse.  I missed last year's Inaugural running of the Refuse to Abuse 5K but I won't miss it again!  This race was so unique and fun!

I drove down to get to Seattle to get there with enough time to pick up my bib and get organized.  My 7 year old daughter came with me... she is too young to run this year (you have to be 8)... but friends of ours were also coming and had offered that she could hang out with her husband and younger son while we were participating.   

She would have to wait until next year.  We stopped at bib pick up and I easily got my bib, shirt, and goodie bag.  The gal that helped us even let my daughter have a goody bag too because she had wanted to run so badly.  So nice.  Below is a picture of the package pick up area.

We met our friends and waited around for the big line up!   So much fun to run into some runners I have met through the #teamrundisney group on Facebook and also from participating in the Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend last January at Disneyland.  If you want to read about the Tinkerbell Half... click HERE.  Especially fun to see my friend Rachel who lives here and I had met at Disneyland last January.  Here is fun split photo of the 2 of us.  One side is from last January in CARSLAND and the other from this race.  Isn't she adorable?!  Another friend - Kristi was there too but alas... no photo.

We gathered for some photos and waited around for the line up and the start.

The race started at 7pm... and we were off!   Here are some photos from the race...
Looking across to the parking structure.  I can't take the credit for this photo... I found it on Facebook.

Running this race was really unique... we began on the ground level on the south side of the parking structure... circled the stadium and then entered the stadium on the south side again and circle the concourse... felt so good running through the cool shade of the main part of the stadium.  Once we had circled the stadium once the route led us across the foot bridge to the parking structure.  The route then circled the 2nd to the top level of the parking garage and then proceeded to the top level.  It was warm and slightly humid that evening.  After completing the circles of the parking structure the route brought us back into the stadium and up to "Suite" level.  The route had us run right through the "Hit it Here" Cafe' and the through the hallways that lead through to the Suites.  Before we hit the hallway I was looking forward to air conditioning... nope... it was VERY stuffy and warm in the suite hallways.  Oh well.  We continued across the west side of the stadium and then down the spiral ramps to the field level.  The course then led us through the long wide hallway that is by the club level... past the team locker room and gym.  Then out on the warning track of the field by right field.   Led us along the warning track past home plate and then to the finish by 3rd base!  It was so awesome!

My friend Carrie finishing strong! 

A group of us after the finish!  This race was so much fun!   A nice medal for a 5K and a terrific time!  A sure thing for next year's race schedule!

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