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Inspiring Hope 5K/10K Race Recap - May 11, 2013

Wow!!!  I recently participated in the 10K part of the Inspiring Hope Race on May 11, 2013 in Mukilteo, WA.  My friend Penny Kellam sure knows how to put on a top notch race! (I met Penny in 2002 when I was part of her Kindred Spirits Team and walked the Seattle Breast Cancer 3 Day).

Let me begin with package pick up... early package pick up was available at a small shoe store called Shoes and Feet in Everett - for a few days the week prior to the event.  What a great idea!   This was so convenient for my schedule to check the days the store would have the packets available and then zoom on down to pick up my packet a few days before the busy weekend.  They also had pick up available on race day but I like to pick up early if I can.  It is how I roll.   I neglected to take a picture of the contents (bad blogger) of the package but it was chock full of goodies.  Along with the race number and timing chip... there were valuable local coupons, fruit bar sample, sample deodorant (hint hint), and some flyers from some of the sponsors.  Good stuff.  I did manage one photo of the number, my shirt, and race day necessities...

Then came race morning... I live about 40 minutes driving time north of Mukilteo, WA... I got up about 6am, dressed and made the easy drive south.  I arrived to pink signs and ladies dressed up in lots of pink directing traffic at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo.  Plenty of parking!  I walked on over to the Commons building to where the little mini 'Expo" was being held. 

I had my race number already (of course) but if I had not there were tables set up and clearly marked where to get anything you were looking for. m I did still need to pay for my race shirt which was an extra $15 on top of the registration for the race.  Well worth it... a really nice tech shirt in a lovely blue color.  it went well with my Team Sparkle skirt!  I need to mention that most of the races I participate in near home... I am usually the lone sparkle skirt wearer.  Not this race!  I found some fellow runDisney runners (and walkers) and several gals sporting the Team Sparkle!  I made some new friends and it was awesome!

It was nearing 9am and it was time for the race to start... after a bit of warm up hosted by somebody from a nearby fitness business (sorry I don't remember who that was) the 10K runners were off.  Oh - that was me!  They started the 5K runners/walkers slightly after the 10K runners.  I appreciated this  - there were a lot of participants... strollers, dogs, people intending to walk.  It was nice to have them have their own pace group and the runners have their own group.  

We were off... the route was beautifully marked... fluorescent arrows showing us the way.  The uneven bumps in the sidewalk and pavement were marked with chalk and there were crossing guards at every street crossing... they had thought of everything!  This course was a little hillier than I am used to so that posed a little personal challenge at times but my finish time was still very similar to my other 10K finishes.  I felt good about that!  The course was pretty and the weather was perfect.  It had been a little overcast that morning and even spit a few raindrops... but at race time the sun was peeking out and it even got a bit warm towards the end.  The only real (little) complaint i would have about the course is that nearing the end the 10K route merged with the 5K route and I don't think a lot of the 5K walkers really realized they needed to stay to the right.  A few times I had to yell out "Please move to the right" as walkers (with dogs and strollers) were walking 4 and 5 abreast.  I was pouring on a little steam at the end and it was a little bothersome to come around a bend and have to slow beacuse of walkers blocking.   Not a huge deal overall but a little one for me.

This 10K had beautiful finisher medals for everyone (even the 5K walkers)!  Not any of the 10Ks I have done to date had that!  I was pleasantly surprised by that!

Thank you Penny for an amazing experience!  I had fun and was honored to help raise some funds for the cause!

Here are a few more photos from the event...

Penny and I after I finished!  Thanks again Penny!

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